Advertise on Defense One

Defense One advertisers are able to engage the entire national security leadership community, across the executive branch— Defense leaders (military flag-officers, civilian DoD leadership, National Security Council and staff), Congress (House and Senate Armed Services and Appropriations Committees), and others who play an influential role in this sector, such as think tanks and contractors.  

Building on the deep defense audience served by Government Executive and Nextgov as well as a launch program driving exceptional visibility and engagement among the defense community, Defense One already engages a large and rapidly growing audience of national security leaders, including over 65,000 subscribers to the Defense One Today newsletter.

Defense One advertisers are able to engage this elite audience through our innovative digital platform spanning desktop, tablet and mobile devices, a premier events portfolio, groundbreaking research initiatives, a print initiative, and several other programs coming soon.

From its launch, Defense One is the clear leader in matching content distribution with how defense leaders consume information. We studied our target audience's device usage and security profile to deliver a product that is optimized for digital consumption. incorporates responsive design and other technological features that make it accessible across any device and  in high security environments.

Advertisers with are able to capitalize on the most innovative digital marketing platform in the market, featuring:

  • Large, in-stream ad units
  • Native advertising
  • Interactive ads tailored to the reader’s device

Later this year, Defense One will launch an iPhone and Android App followed by a special eBook Series providing leaders with a compendium of must-read journalism on defense.


Defense One’s 2013 events program will feature the Defense One Summit, an exclusive gathering of top national security leaders and stakeholders to discuss the pressing issues affecting the future of defense and the national security landscape. The Defense One Summit will take place on November 14th in Washington, D.C.  


Defense One will also launch later this year two groundbreaking editorial research projects, one a deep-dive report on defense technology and the second a sweeping analysis on the future of defense. Both of these projects will receive expansive visibility in the market through digital, print and events.

For inquires on Defense One marketing opportunities, please contact Constance Sayers Witherspoon at