Defense One - All Content Media presents Defense One, a site dedicated to providing news, analysis, and bold ideas to national security leaders, influential professionals, stakeholders and citizens navigating the unprecedented transformation of U.S. defense strategy and operations.en-usMon, 20 Oct 2014 18:04:42 -0400Researchers Use 3D Printing To Create Bomb-Sniffing Dog Noses are using 3D printing to make anatomically correct artificial noses modeled after a female Labrador retriever. By Rebecca CarrollRebecca Carroll, NextgovMon, 20 Oct 2014 18:04:42 -0400 Iraqi dog handler in Ramadi trains a German shepherd to find explosive samples. 82nd Airborne Division Public Affairs by Sgt. Mike MacleodBeyond the Houthi Takeover of Yemen the rise of a new power in Sana'a usher in an era of improved security for Yemen -- or will it bring the country to its knees? By Nasim al SananiNasim al Sanani, QuartzMon, 20 Oct 2014 17:53:57 -0400 Houthi Shiite rebel mans a machine gun on a military truck in Sanaa, Yemen, on October 20, 2014. Hani Mohammed/APRick Perry Sharpens His National Security Edge Over GOP Rivals Texas governor recently made significant progress establishing his credentials in a surprising area: foreign policy. By David FrumDavid Frum, The AtlanticMon, 20 Oct 2014 17:33:02 -0400 Gov. Rick Perry arrives at the Blackwell Thurman Criminal Justice Center, on August 19, 2014. Eric Gay/APState Department Clears Sale of 46,000 Tank Rounds for Iraq pending sale would bolster the Iraqi Army, which has been fighting Islamic State militants all year. By Marcus WeisgerberMarcus WeisgerberMon, 20 Oct 2014 17:05:47 -0400 Iraqi Army soldier learns how to drive an M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank as part of an armored column. United States Forces - Iraq, Deputy Commanding General (Advising and Training) by Spc. Breanna PierceTurkey Allows Iraqi Kurds To Join the Fight Against ISIS shift in policy—and alliances—underscores the importance of saving Kobani from the Islamic State. By Polly MosendzPolly Mosendz, The AtlanticMon, 20 Oct 2014 12:23:24 -0400 tanks and armored vehicles hold their positions on a hilltop outside of Suruc, at the Turkey-Syria border, on October 6, 2014.Lefteris Pitarakis/APExecutions Could Be Iraq's Real Challenge to Unity UN warns that the rising number of death sentences in the country's courts fuels sectarian violence—and empowers ISIS. By Allen McDuffeeAllen McDuffee, The AtlanticMon, 20 Oct 2014 11:32:51 -0400 chant anti-terrorism slogans to protest the Islamic State's blockade, in Baghdad's Tahrir Square, on August 28, 2014.Hadi Mizban/APRand Paul and the Myth of American Isolationism the last year, Sen. Paul has developed an approach patterned on the internationalist thinking that influenced foreign policy elites during the Cold War. By Peter BeinartPeter Beinart, National JournalMon, 20 Oct 2014 10:44:00 -0400 Rand Paul, R-Ky. speaks at the 2014 Values Voter Summit in Washington, Sept. 26, 2014.Manuel Balce Ceneta/APThe D Brief for Oct. 20, 2014 mil helps the Kurds fight in Kobani; Swedish sub search; Nat-sec could help the GOP win the Senate; What's the Ebola Bus?; "Tamer" Bugs out; and a bit more. By Gordon Lubold with Ben WatsonBen Watson and Gordon LuboldMon, 20 Oct 2014 08:20:00 -0400 rises from an airstrike by the US-led coalition in Kobani, Syria while fighting continued between Syrian Kurds and the militants of Islamic State group, as seen from Mursitpinar on the outskirts of Suruc, at the Turkey-Syria border, Oct. 18, 2014.Lefteris Pitarakis/APThese Are the Threats People Around the World Worry About the Most survey asked people to choose among disease, nuclear weapons, environment, inequality, and discrimination. By Jeanne KimJeanne Kim, QuartzSun, 19 Oct 2014 20:20:07 -0400 Shiite fighters aim their weapons during clashes southwest of Baghdad, Iraq, on October 7, 2014. AP PhotoThe Pentagon Can't Say If It Stopped the Khorasan Terror Threat reports that Mohsin al-Fadhli, one of the group's leaders, was killed during still can’t be confirmed. By Jordain CarneyJordain Carney, National JournalSun, 19 Oct 2014 20:09:44 -0400 chief Gen. Lloyd Austin prepares to brief reporters about Operation Inherent Resolve in the Pentagon briefing room, on October 17, 2014.J. Scott Applewhite/APShould America Protect Itself Through Bridges or Barricades? Obama's response to global challenges stresses coalition-building over unilateralism. By Ronald BrownsteinRonald Brownstein, National JournalSun, 19 Oct 2014 19:57:53 -0400 Obama walks to the podium on the South Lawn of the White House to deliver a statement on the situation in Iraq, on August 9, 2014.White House photo by Pete SouzaPreparing for Future Catastrophes, the VA Reaches to the Past VA wants a network for two-way radio communication and links to national wired, cellular and IP phone networks in case a crisis knocks out standard communications. By Bob BrewinBob Brewin, NextgovFri, 17 Oct 2014 17:39:31 -0400 technician at Tobyhanna Army Depot performs a system check on a series of radio systems. US Army PhotoEven Containment Needs Boots on the Ground to keep ISIL at bay, U.S. or Iraqi forces would need to reclaim some cities – and that requires combat ground troops. By Jerry MeyerleJerry MeyerleFri, 17 Oct 2014 16:38:43 -0400 soldiers ho, ... ]America's Awkward Alliance With Turkey Just Got More Awkward State Department said Thursday that it held talks about ISIS with a Syrian Kurdish party with links to a group on the U.S. terror list. By Adam ChandlerAdam Chandler, The AtlanticFri, 17 Oct 2014 16:23:49 -0400 of State John Kerry and then-Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu walk to a bilateral meeting at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.State DepartmentLeon Panetta and Hillary Clinton Aren't As Cozy As You May Have Heard the media focuses on how the former defense secretary's memoir praises her and criticizes the president, the book itself tells a different story. By Peter BeinartPeter Beinart, The AtlanticFri, 17 Oct 2014 16:06:56 -0400 Defense Secretary Leon Panetta awards Hillary Clinton the Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award, on February 14, 2013.DOD photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeleyEbola Scare Comes to the Pentagon officials have shut down a parking lot and entrance after officials find ill woman who allegedly recently visited Africa. By Kevin BaronKevin BaronFri, 17 Oct 2014 11:28:16 -0400 via ShutterstockThe D Brief for Oct. 17, 2014's son ejected from Navy; Why wasn't a toaster-sized Ebola device used?; Lloyd Austin speaks; Why Maj. Gen. Piatt was delayed; Would Ernie Pyle smile? and a bit more. By Gordon Lubold with Ben WatsonBen Watson and Gordon LuboldFri, 17 Oct 2014 08:03:00 -0400 Joint Task Force-10 and Regional Command-East Commander Maj. Gen. Stephen Townsend and Command Sgt. Maj. Ray Lewis travel to Forward Operating Base Lightning with ISAF commander Gen. John Campbell, Sept. 27, 2014.U.S. Army photo by Master Sgt. Kap KimDallas Hospital Had the Ebola Screening Machine That the Military Is Using in Africa Dallas hospital had an Ebola screening machine but could not use it for screening Ebola. By Patrick Tucker.Patrick TuckerThu, 16 Oct 2014 21:23:46 -0400 Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, where Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan was being treated. AP PhotoNational Security Fears Could Decide Midterms -- and the Senate Majority politics is far from local as global threats dominate the midterm elections from Iowa to Arkansas. By Molly O’TooleMolly O'TooleThu, 16 Oct 2014 18:58:47 -0400 senatorial candidate State Sen. Joni Ernst, speaks during the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition fall fundraiser on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Justin Hayworth)The Last Step to an Iran Nuclear Deal is too focused on Iran’s ability to enrich nuclear material instead of our ability to watch them. By Greg ThielmannGreg ThielmannThu, 16 Oct 2014 18:42:37 -0400 of State John Kerry sits down with EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in Vienna, on October 15, 2014. State DepartmentUS Red Tape Threatens Drone Sales in the Middle East companies are being bested by foreign firms when it comes to selling unmanned aircraft to friendly militaries overseas, says Textron Systems boss Ellen Lord. By Marcus WeisgerberMarcus WeisgerberThu, 16 Oct 2014 18:18:29 -0400 crew chief prepares an MQ-1B Predator for a training mission. U.S. Air Force photo by 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary WingContain ISIS, Then Roll It Back we haven’t defeated al-Qaeda by now, why do we expect to ‘destroy’ ISIS? By Richard FontaineRichard FontaineThu, 16 Oct 2014 17:45:24 -0400 soldiers ho, ... ]Like It or Not, Containment Is What It Is bad as containment sounds, it may now be hard to accomplish more. By Thomas KarakoThomas KarakoThu, 16 Oct 2014 17:44:35 -0400 soldiers ho, ... ]Why Containment Is a Myth is no ‘easy button’ for national security. Here’s why. By James Jay CarafanoJames Jay CarafanoThu, 16 Oct 2014 17:44:24 -0400 soldiers ho, ... ]The Army's Post-War Identity Crisis large-scale ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army is mapping out what its future will look like. By Jordain CarneyJordain Carney, National JournalThu, 16 Oct 2014 13:11:20 -0400 soldier with the 10th Mountain Division provides security for ANSF troops in Kharwar District, on January 11, 2011.Photo by U.S. Army Sgt. Cooper T. Cash, Task Force Patriot Public Affairs