Helping the DoD Meet Cloud Modernization Objectives

The DoD’s multitude of personnel and installations come with critical IT and cybersecurity dependents that are constantly evolving due to the global threat landscape. Yet opportunities to modernize abound with the advent of emerging technologies and lessons learned in the commercial sector. Enterprise Hybrid Cloud can be used to extend, mitigate, protect, and manage DoD’s cloud-based resources. Building such a hybrid cloud is a major Joint Information Environment (JIE) objective. A solution like VMware Cloud Foundation—jointly engineered by VMware and AWS—is the on-demand, scalable technology that can help optimize a variety of DoD needs to: 1. Enable footprint expansion 2. Safeguard sensitive data 3. Deliver on-demand capacity 4. Deliver dynamic test, development, and IT lab environments 5. Enable hybrid applications. Fill out this brief form to download our paper with ideas to help you plan and implement an enterprise hybrid cloud solution to modernize DoD cloud to meet mission critical objectives.