M-Trends 2024 Special Report

In this 15th annual edition, M-Trends provides an inside look at the evolving cyber threat landscape, directly from the frontlines of incident response investigations and threat intelligence findings of high-impact attacks and remediations around the globe.

Get informed on the following topics:

  • The latest incident response metrics including dwell times, detection sources, initial infection vectors and so much more

  • China-nexus attackers increasingly targeting edge devices and platforms that lack EDR

  • Trending adversary operations and motivations behind zero-day attacks

  • The evolution of phishing techniques amidst modern security controls

  • How attackers are leveraging AiTM to compromise multi-factor authentication safeguards

  • The reasons and solutions behind growing cloud and hybrid cloud environment intrusions

  • How AI is effectively used in red and purple team operations to help boost cyber defenses

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