NATO Spending, in Two Charts: 2016 Edition

By Caroline Houck

July 29, 2016

In 2014, NATO adopted a guideline for members’ defense spending: 2 percent of gross domestic product. On Friday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump drew new attention to this guideline when he said he would look at countries’ contributions to the alliance before defending them from an attack.

Here’s who’s currently meeting that guideline:

The U.S. and Britain, which exceeded the 2 percent target in 2015, are projected to do so again in 2016. Two of the remaining three countries slated to meet the goal this year — Estonia and Poland — border the Baltic Sea and have a front-row seat to Russian fly-bys and other intimidation tactics . Two other Baltic countries, Latvia and Lithuania, are increasing their year-over-year defense spending both in real dollars and as a percent of GDP.

Map of NATO spending by country with 2016 budget estimates.

By Caroline Houck // Caroline Houck is a staff correspondent at Defense One. She previously was an Atlantic Media fellow.

July 29, 2016