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The Army Brief
March 17, 2023

Army Focuses on China and Ukraine-Related Ammo Production in 2024 Budget
By Sam Skove

Army wants more spending on hypersonic weapons and plans large buys of anti-aircraft weapons as it gears up to counter China.

Russian Strike on US Drone Reflects a 'More Aggressive' Intercept Pattern, Milley Says
By Sam Skove

The MQ-9 UAV sank so deep into the Black Sea that it's difficult to recover, the Joint Chiefs chairman added.


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Shift Left: Achieving Secure Application Modernization with DevSecOps

Modernizing legacy systems and software is key to reducing technical debt, enhancing customer experiences, and delivering services with greater speed and agility. New development methodologies, such as DevOps, have offered agencies significant advantages in recent years by shortening the timeline of the systems development lifecycle (SDLC). But as federal agencies seek to meet the demands of an ever-evolving tech landscape, they must balance modernization needs with heightened cybersecurity protocols.

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Pentagon Creates Cell to Oversee Expansion of Weapon Production Lines
By Marcus Weisgerber

The move comes as the military looks to increasingly bulk buy munitions.

5.2% Pay Bump for Troops, Feds in 2024 Budget Proposal
By Erich Wagner

The largest proposed pay raise for federal employees since the Carter administration still falls short of the demands of some Democrats and unions.

The Army Is Putting All Its Network Efforts Under One Roof
By Lauren C. Williams

By October, Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications-Tactical is expected to absorb network portfolios from its sister PEO for enterprise services.


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