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Defense One Today
July 28, 2020

National Guard Commander To Testify 'Excessive Force' Used on White House Protesters
By Katie Bo Williams

Officer on the scene saw spent tear gas canisters, contradicting key details of Attorney General Barr's account of the controversial night.

Trump Should Teach Erdogan a Lesson in Law, Not Corruption
By Aykan Erdemir and John A. Lechner

The president offered to help Turkey's strongman beat U.S. courts, John Bolton has revealed. It only helps Iran.


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The New Paradigm for DoD Security

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) establishes standards and guidelines for the DoD around network security controls. A platform approach will enable DoD agencies to efficiently operate across the enterprise, while ensuring compliance and security, with greater visibility and less effort. A holistic view, rather than siloed, is a critical first step towards CMMC compliance.

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Ep. 73: Monuments, domestic terrorism and the American white power movement
By Defense One Staff

America is not only in the middle of a national reckoning on race; it's also facing a new surge in violent attacks from extreme right-wing organizations.

This Is Not Your Parents' Military. We Can't Fund It the Same Way
By dakota wood

The price of arms and personnel has risen far faster than inflation.

Pompeo's Surreal Speech on China
By Thomas Wright

The secretary of state has some nerve to now claim that what is upside down is right side up.

Democrats Are Allowing Trump to Frame the Debate on China
By Peter Beinart

If they keep speaking the GOP's language, it will haunt them for years to come.

Energy Unveils Blueprint for Nationwide, 'Unhackable' Quantum Internet
By Brandi Vincent

Impacts could be realized within the next decade.

The Pentagon's Platform One Offers an Ambitious Model for the Future of Software
By Mariam Baksh

In an interview, the Air Force's chief software officer described the potential for a profound transformation for cybersecurity.

Covid in the White House; Riots and car attacks across America; Trump eases US drone restrictions; Ceasefire day in Ukraine; And a bit more.
By Ben Watson and Kevin Baron

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