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Defense Systems Update
December 5, 2023

New bill aims to speed up JADC2
By Edward Graham

The proposed legislation would assign new responsibilities to specific Pentagon officials and aim particularly to improve rollout in the Indo-Pacific.

Use more drones, US tells allies, partners
By Lauren C. Williams

Especially at sea, and especially in the Indo-Pacific region, the Pentagon's top regional official said.

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NSA Certifies First TACLANE E-Series Layer 2 Ethernet Encryptor

The TACLANE®-ES10 is the only tactical, high-speed Layer 2 EDE compliant solution available today.

TACLANE E-Series delivers groundbreaking Ethernet encryption solutions, offering High Assurance security, higher bandwidth and increased performance that adapts, assures, and endures. With a focus on scalable, modular and IT-friendly designs, this product portfolio ushers in a new era of enterprise network security.

Learn how this cutting-edge EDE portfolio will close crypto modernization gaps and deliver unparalleled performance and flexibility.


NSA is wooing talent with flexibility in workday, careers, director says
By Marcus Weisgerber

A spy agency that assumed employees would stick around for decades is getting comfortable with ones who come and go, Nakasone said in an interview.

NIST wants a dictionary of AI development
By Alexandra Kelley

"It's difficult, but really important to make sure that we're all having the same understanding of terms such as bias," an official from the National Institute of Standards and Technology said.

Water-system gear hacked by Iran-backed group, US warns
By Adam Mazmanian

So far, CyberAv3ngers has only managed to deface web interfaces operated by the Israeli-made controllers.

Pentagon presses Congress to enable AUKUS' next stage
By Audrey Decker

AI-powered subhunters, quantum gear among areas for cooperation under 'Pillar Two' of the trilateral tech-research pact.

Anduril unveils jet-powered interceptor designed to down enemy drones, missiles
By Marcus Weisgerber

The company says the U.S. government has operationally tested the weapon.

NATO innovation accelerator announces first class of startups to get help
By Patrick Tucker

The alliance is looking to support tech development on the European side of the Atlantic.


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