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The Naval Brief
January 25, 2024

The race is on to prepare Australia for nuclear subs
By Jennifer Hlad

"There has been a hiatus where we weren't all paying attention. Now we've got to catch up," a UK shipbuilding exec says.

Software delay will reduce F-35 deliveries for a second straight year
By Patrick Tucker

Lockheed says the TR-3 upgrade, due last year, has slipped to third quarter of 2024.


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Combined Joint All-Domain Command & Control with the F-35

Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control is the Department of Defense's response to the changing nature of combat. As near-peer threats leverage increasingly innovative techniques designed to disrupt forward progress, the United States Armed Forces must have the tools necessary to outmaneuver them, whether on land, at sea or in the skies above.

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The Pentagon is already testing tomorrow's AI-powered swarm drones, ships
By Patrick Tucker

DOD pulled off unmanned amphibious landings, self-coding drones, and more just in the last year. What's next?

Defense One Radio, Ep. 142: Trouble on the Red Sea
By Ben Watson

We review how the Iran-backed Houthis are disrupting global shipping in the Red Sea, and we look back at similar dynamics near the end of the so-called tanker wars of the late 1980s.

How much influence does Iran have over its proxies?
By Sara Harmouch and Nakissa Jahanbani

Tehran calls Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Houthis its "Axis of Resistance"—but that's not quite right.


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