Sponsor Content Building Resilience Across the Military Health System

Military Treatment Facilities should embrace a philosophy of resilience

Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) serve as important medical readiness platforms , where teams train using the skills necessary to support the full range of military operations around the world. Maintaining medical readiness by managing risk across the MTF network requires active thought about contingency planning and the associated assignment of responsibility, definition of tasks, decision making characteristics and criteria, and the recommended prioritized execution in response to an unforeseen event or series of events.

While optimizing operations at the MTF-level through risk/contingency management is essential to improvement, facilities need to look beyond the individual MTF to fully understand the degree of true readiness within the MTF network. To do this, the MTFs should embrace a complimentary philosophy of resilience—the capacity of a system to withstand a disruption and to continue operating without impact on output or function. A resilient system is able to incorporate functional changes and operate interdependently without altering the quality of the service it delivers.

Readiness is usually seen through the lens of risk management, which looks at the ability of an organization to accomplish its mission. Resilience looks at the consequences.

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