Sponsor Content Understanding How Humans and Artificial Intelligence Can Work Together

Artificial intelligence has a growing role in government and military organizations.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming both the public and private sectors. For government and military organizations, the technology has great potential to provide higher efficiency at lower costs; however, it can also cause concern over how analysts will be able to interact with it. Managing the process in which human analysts can best work with AI, and developing AI tools and strategies with this in mind, will be the key to the technology’s success.

This relationship between AI and government and military organizations was the topic of discussion in “Human-Machine Teaming: Understanding How Humans & Machines Will Work Together,” the opening session in the Defense One and Nextgov event exploring the current and future implementations of AI. Government Business Council (GBC) attended the session in order to better understand the views of senior Department of Defense (DoD) leaders and experts as they relate to AI and its relationship with human operatives.

Read the report and watch the video below to learn more about this topic.