How Ebola Turned Into an Epidemic

By Annalisa Merelli

October 1, 2014

“It is not enough that 90 percent have access to some basic health service, every person has to have access to health service,” explains world renowned public health expert Hans Rosling  .

In a 90 second video, part of a YouTube series on health statistics called #Factpod, he explains very clearly how Ebola epidemics spread.

There are two main takeaways:

1. The epidemics quickly spread to infect (and kill) thousands of people because there are parts of West Africa where people have no access to even basic health services, which is the root problem to address.

2. Likewise, the virus won’t spread in the same way in the U.S ., where the health service infrastructure is completely different.

By Annalisa Merelli // Annalisa Merelli is an editor, writer, social media and communications professional

October 1, 2014