2020 Elections

'How Much and How Fast': Biden Watchers Anticipate Defense Spending Crunch

Part 4: From the size of the US military to outdated 'legacy' weapons, experts say something has to give.

How Biden Would Wage Great Power Competition

Part 3: While Trump chooses go-it-alone, Biden wants allies and partners “at the forefront” of U.S. foreign policy. But his options to renew old agreements are limited.

Biden’s China Policy Starts With Building a Stronger America

Part 2: The candidate’s surrogates are outlining a plan to beat China’s leaders, not change them.

SPECIAL REPORT: What if Biden Wins?

Part 1: Here’s what the world should expect from Joe Biden.

We Need Joe Biden

Donald Trump has failed. Our national cohesion and security can’t wait another five years.

Biden’s Foreign Policy Would Be Better Than Trump's, But Just Barely

The former vice president lacks a consistent philosophy of when and how to use military force.

Even a Bolder Biden Will Only Go So Far

The pandemic has expanded his ambitions—just not enough to challenge the Pentagon.

China is a Serious Issue, Not a Campaign Meme

'Beijing Biden' is a baseless political smear, trivializing one of America’s most complicated challenges.

Trump Could Have Led the World Against the Coronavirus

We have to isolate ourselves from the virus. He doesn't have to isolate us from the world.

The Foreign Policy of 2021 Democrats

Joe Biden represents the so-called establishment’s last chance to reform U.S. foreign policy so it is better aligned with how Americans see the world.

The Biggest Change In a Sanders Administration Might Be a New Definition For ‘Hostilities’

If Sanders sticks with his own precedent in the Senate, he could reshape American military engagement.

Trump’s War on the Intelligence Community Is Also About US Elections

With a loyalist as acting director of national intelligence, the official line on issues like Russian election meddling could bend closer to the president’s.

2020 Dems Reject Military Use In Idlib

On paper, Democrats have remained open to the use of military force for humanitarian purposes.

Will Trump’s Afghanistan Peace Deal Win Him Votes?

"I would not say that Afghanistan looms over American politics now the way that Iraq did,” said one analyst.

The Sanders Doctrine

The presidential candidate wants to redefine American power.