State of Defense

Special Report: The State of Defense 2017

Here is Defense One's annual report on what's to come.

Special Report: The State of Defense 2016

Defense One's annual year-ahead assessment of each military service finds a force ready to fight, but feeling the strain from all they are being asked to do -- still.

New Pentagon Equipment Is No Longer Pushing the Envelope

Acquisition chief Frank Kendall says the cost of the Defense Department’s major projects are falling, but the arms being purchased are less technologically advanced.

The US Military Gets A Guidebook to the Cloud

DISA rolls out a collection of best practices for a Pentagon herding its myriad information services toward their cloud-based future.

Should One US Service Rule the Military’s Drones?

Ten years ago, the Air Force lost its bid to control the Pentagon’s nascent UAV fleets. Some say it should try again.

Special Report: The State of Defense 2015

As President Obama prepares to give his State of the Union speech, Defense One takes a closer look at the nation's military and the state of defense.