• Publisher, Defense One: Daniela Fayer
  • Vice President, Strategic Accounts & Publisher, Route Fifty: Hilery Sirpis
  • Senior Account Director: Laurie Diamond
  • Director, Digital Business Development: Andrew Werner
  • Account Director: Helen Broemmelsiek
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  • Account Executive:  Becky Hoffman
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  • Fellow: Jake Crawford

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  • Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Insights: Will Colston
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  • Manager, Marketing & Communications: Leah Nobles
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  • Fellow: Rachel Angulo
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  • Manager, Audience Marketing: Megan Gavin
  • Associate, Advertising Operations: MacKenzie Kerrigan
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  • Director, Research & Strategic Insights: Nicholas McClusky
  • Research Analyst: Seamus Daniels, Rina Li, Daniel Thomas
  • Content Strategist: Matt Ingram

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  • General Manager, Digital: Christine Mitchell
  • Senior Director, Digital Strategy and Operations: Bridget Forbes
  • Manager, Digital Operations: Jamie Fuller
  • Lead Web Developer: Bryan Scott
  • Web Developers: Andrew Crewdson, Christopher Greinke


  • Director, GEMG Programming:  Anna Pettyjohn
  • Director, Programming: Radell Peischler
  • Associate Director, Events: Alicia Field
  • Senior Editor, Technology & Events: Frank Konkel
  • Manager, Events: Helen Thomas
  • Manager, Marketing: Allie DeNiculo
  • Manager, Content & Marketing: Kate Connelly
  • Manager, Digital Events: Sally Wrenn
  • Coordinator, Content & Marketing: Annie Bruce
  • Fellow, Events: Samuel Jackson

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