A Simple Veterans Day Proposal for the Incoming Administration

Send every political appointee to visit Arlington National Cemetery — with someone who served.

Exclusive Ideas

What Today’s Generals Could Learn from George Washington's Evolution

In his military thinking early on, Washington failed to see the big strategic picture. But the 44-year old war commander "could observe, reflect, and adjust more than most senior commanders.


Biden Shouldn’t Toss All of Trump’s Foreign Policies

From ending forever wars to pressing allies to shoulder more of their defense loads, the next president should pursue at least some of his predecessor’s goals.


America Still Thinks It’s the Election Police

After the 2020 election, who would bother to listen to the U.S. about how to run a vote?


QAnon Is Winning

Conspiracy thinking in America had a huge night on Tuesday.


George Washington Warned Us

The first president anticipated political misinformation, division, and attempts to subvert the rule of law in the pursuit of power.


Misinformation 2020: What the Data Tells Us About Election-Related Falsehoods

Here are urgent lessons from the year’s most-spread false themes — and the ones going viral right now.


Great Power Competition Comes Home to America

Our leaders’ efforts to heal divisions among our fellow citizens are key to national defense.


We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

America’s national security depends on our ability to turn today’s hyperpartisan division into tomorrow’s cooperation.


The World Won’t Organize Itself

Biden understands what career diplomats know: America’s relationships overseas require hands-on management, and conditions in the field are messier than they appear.


Time to Rethink Arms Sales to Taiwan

Once, they might have tilted the military balance. Now they just destabilize the region.


The Election Without a Debate over War

We go to the polls without the candidates having exchanged meaningful thoughts about the American way of war — and what we might do differently.


The Pandemic Is in Uncharted Territory

The fall surge is rewriting the coronavirus record books across America. And the numbers are still climbing.


Donald Trump is No Jack Kennedy. Or Khrushchev.

The president lacks the experience, character, credibility, and confidence to navigate our country through a Cuban Missile Crisis. We need Joe Biden.


How ‘America First’ Became America Alone

In his desperation to restore and showcase American strength, Donald Trump has made the country weaker.


The Best Tech for Troops (Needs an Easier Path to Reach Them)

The Pentagon must keep lowering barriers for startup companies, especially in artificial intelligence and machine learning — and help them stay in the game.


The Plot to Kidnap Me

Every time the president ramps up his violent rhetoric, every time he fires up Twitter to launch another broadside against me, my family and I see a surge of vicious attacks sent our way.


The West Is Surprisingly Well-Equipped for Gray-Zone Deterrence

Authoritarian officials and oligarchs interact with Western nations in ways that give democratic governments leverage.