Ukraine’s robot boats are rewriting the rules of naval warfare

Strategists around the world have taken note of the changing dynamics at play in the Black Sea and the implications for flashpoints elsewhere.

What can this weekend’s Ukraine peace summit achieve?

Russia won't attend the Swiss-hosted event where Ukraine's Zelensky will pitch his proposal.

It’s not too late to cancel the Pentagon’s next ICBM

Axing Sentinel would save hundreds of billions of dollars—and make America safer.

Europeanize NATO to save it

If the alliance is to reach its century mark, the transatlantic partners must shift much of the responsibility of continental security to Europeans themselves.

Move Guardsmen into the Space Force? You'll lose most of them instead

Air Force leaders don’t understand why people serve in the National Guard.

China’s latest aircraft carrier is much more than a big ship

Along with technical and operational advances, the Fujian represents a response to 19th-century humiliation.

The West needs to produce more critical minerals. Here’s how the Pentagon should help

Geological and technological obstacles will require subsidies to overcome.

How to win in Ukraine: pour it on, and don’t worry about escalation

The Biden administration has been too cautious. There’s still time to change that.

The urgency of European strategic autonomy is more pronounced than ever

With Russia pressing from the east and Trump polling well in the west, the EU needs a dramatic increase in its defense capabilities.

The new rules of geopolitics in Africa

Washington should foster coalitions that can offer a better value proposition than competing revisionist powers.

What has China learned from Russia and Iran’s use of proxies?

The answer may help U.S. planners anticipate and spot Beijing's next moves.

Sudan’s descent into chaos sets stage for al-Qaida to return to a stronghold

The group's opportunities imperil not only the country but also regional, and potentially global, security.

A militarized immigrant roundup won't work the way Trump says

Among the reasons: the Eisenhower administration paired its roundup with a massive guest-worker program that gave Mexican workers legal status.

Too few planners understand what special operators can do today

No less than in yesterday’s era of counter-terrorism, SOF are indispensable in today’s great power competition.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 151: The state of the Air Force

Our State of Defense series concludes with Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Allvin and Gen. Mike Minihan from Air Mobility Command.