White House

US Announces Another $550M In Ukraine Military Aid

Funds will cover thousands of additional howitzer and HIMARS ammunition rounds

Biden Picks Next Space Force Chief

If confirmed, the missileer and satellite operator would become the newest service’s second leader.

Trump Wants Concentration Camps and Presidential Control of Domestic Troops

The disgraced former president said the next chief executive should take control of the National Guard from state governors and deploy troops to quell cities.

Biden Is Arming Ukraine To ‘Play For a Tie,’ Some America-First GOPers Say

The view reveals disagreement even among Trump-following Republicans about how to respond to Russia’s invasion.

The Biden Administration Wants To Standardize How the U.S. Conducts Cyber Operations

The White House is reviewing a Trump administration policy that made it easier for U.S. Cyber Command to conduct offensive cyber operations.

Russia Following 2014 ‘Annexation Playbook’ In Eastern Ukraine, White House Says

The White House is expected to announce another weapons shipment to Ukraine this week.

Drifting Toward Disaster As Iran Nuke Talks Stall

Biden seems to think he needn’t cut a new deal until after the elections. That would be a mistake.

Biden Defends Saudi Trip To ‘Reassert’ US Influence Amid Human Rights Criticism

“I’m meeting with nine other heads of state. It just happens to be in Saudi Arabia,” the president said.

Tampons and Tulips? Lawmakers Pitch 650 Amendments to Annual Defense Bill

Other proposed changes to the House defense authorization act would delay new ICBMs and hasten warship retirements.

Biden’s Trip to ‘Stabilize’ US-Mideast Ties Kicks Off in Israel

Analysts predicted Biden will try to secure commitments from allies against China and Iran.

The US Remains the Exception on Land Mines

Biden has restored the near-global ban on these militarily ineffective weapons, but enshrined their continued use in South Korea.

How Biden Can Win His Middle East Trip

The president can advance U.S. interests and regain the region’s trust, if he evolves his messages and policies.

Will Republicans Cut Off Ukraine?

If control of Congress flips, a small but growing number of America-first lawmakers could derail American support for the war against Russia.

US Sending More HIMARS to Ukraine

Pentagon says latest $400M aid package includes precision rounds to “save ammo;” Russia may have paused to reset after tough Luhansk fight.

Pentagon Agency Wants to Send Arms Monitors to Ukraine

The defense officials would make sure U.S. weapons are being used and stored properly.

Biden: Additional $800M For Ukraine Coming ‘In The Next Few Days’

The latest aid package will include Western air-defense systems as well as more ammunition and radars.

US Sending More HIMARS Artillery to Ukraine

Just days after announcing a new billion-dollar weapons shipment, the White House announces $450 million more.