White House

In NYC, a Bronx Cheer for Putin, Trump, and the Aging UN

As the General Assembly met for the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine, Biden warned against nuclear war and the UN’s growing irrelevance. Will he do more?

US Weighs Escalation Risk As Ukraine Asks for Longer-range Missiles

Will ATACMS become the latest weapon that Washington has initially withheld, but ultimately given? 

White House Announces New Restrictions on Foreign Investment in US Tech, Supply Lines

Administration will require investments to be weighed on whether they will put U.S. national security at risk.

Space Chief Nominee Worried About Launchpad ‘Traffic Jams’

The Space Force will “need to look at other opportunities” as launch cadence grows, Lt. Gen. Chance Saltzman told lawmakers.

10 High-School Questions for the Authors of the ‘Principles’ Open Letter

Actual civics students would demand more from the former SecDefs and retired four-stars who opined so vaguely on civil-military “best practices.”

Conservative Groups Urging Lawmakers To Vote ‘No’ On More Ukraine Aid

“This new package will prolong a fight that lacks an American dog, allowing regional allies to shirk their security responsibilities yet again,” one former Trump official said.

White House Asks Congress For $13.7B for Ukraine

The administration has used about three-quarters of the $40 billion Congress authorized in May.

Poll: Half of Americans Say Sending Troops to Afghanistan Was ‘A Mistake’

Less than one-quarter believe the two-decade conflict made America safer.

National Archives Recovered More than 100 Classified Documents from Trump in January

The 700-plus pages of classified material included documents relating to special access programs – some of the nation's most closely held secrets.

7 in 10 Americans Want To Send More Weapons To Ukraine, Poll Finds

Survey shows Americans want to keep supporting Ukraine for as long as it takes despite inflation concerns at home.

US Details Its Biggest Ukraine Arms Package Yet

The $3B package—announced on the country's independence day—includes more than 300,000 artillery and mortar rounds.

Sensing Russian Stall, US Rushing Arms to Help Retake Ukrainian Territory

The latest weapons package includes MRAPs with special landmine-clearing devices–and brings the total to $10.7 billion.

Boeing, Northrop Grumman Join Group Pushing 3D Printing to Small Suppliers

The White House-backed compact is also part of an effort to make supply chains more resilient.

Lawmakers Want Damage Assessment After ‘Highly Classified’ Documents Found at Trump's House

House committee chairs ask intel-community chief how badly national security could be hurt by the information in the recovered documents.

You Don’t Have to Be a Spy to Violate the Espionage Act

Two law professors outline how the Act has been used in the past, and what it could mean for former president Trump.