White House

Biden Orders US Troops Back to Somalia, Reverses Trump Withdrawal

“This is a step that rationalizes what was essentially an irrational arrangement that we inherited,” a senior administration official said.

The Middle East’s Indifference to Ukraine Is a Warning

What looks like international solidarity against a lawless invasion is something far more transactional and fragile.

Congress’ Plan For Ukraine Aid Surpasses White House Request by $7B

Lawmakers boosted funds for replenishing American weapons’ stocks and supporting European Command operations.

White House Sounds Alarm on Threat from Quantum Computers

New directive orders the government to work with industry on security that can stand up to tomorrow’s quantum-powered decryption tools.

Trump's DHS Manipulated Report on Russian Election Interference, Watchdog Says

A 2020 report to state and local governments was delayed and altered, a new IG report finds.

CEO: Boeing Should Have Rejected Trump’s Air Force One Deal

The company revealed that it has lost $660 million outfitting the next presidential jets—so far.

Biden Announces Third $800M Weapons Package To Ukraine To Help Donbas Fight

The White House will ask Congress for more money next week to keep weapons flowing.

The Navy’s New Long-Range Shipbuilding Plan Is More Like a Menu

With uncertainty rising at home and abroad, service leaders decided to offer Congress a trio of scenarios.

Biden Rejects Unanimous NSC ‘More Often Than You Might Think’

“We will prepare consensus recommendations and he’ll say, ‘I don’t buy that,’” Jake Sullivan said.

Biden Asks India to ‘Do More’ to Stop Russia and Help Ukraine

In a virtual meeting, the president pushed India’s Modi to cut Russian energy purchases, while the White House kept a diplomatically polite facade.

The Pentagon Must ‘Campaign’ Against China, Not Hope for a Goal-Line Stand

To dissuade aggression, the U.S. military must continuously persuade its adversaries to doubt their chances of success.

For a Lasting Peace, Europe Must Embrace Russia

The U.S. and the West should follow six principles to bring Russia into a “Europe whole and free,” as G.H.W. Bush envisioned in 1989.

US Needs Better Climate Forecasting, Wargaming, Report Finds

“Considerable work left to do” in Pentagon’s climate efforts.

Biden’s Nuke Review Omits ‘No First Use’, Kills Naval Cruise Missile

The president, who pledged during the campaign to use nuclear weapons only in response to a similar attack, declined to set that as U.S. policy.