Science & Tech

What Does Musk's Purchase of Twitter Mean for Disinformation?

His free-speech values could undermine the site's efforts to stem foreign influence operations.

AI Is Already Learning from Russia’s War in Ukraine, DOD Says

Today’s battlefield data is helping smart machines model the wars of the future.

Kyiv Asked for a New Kamikaze Drone to Fight Russia. The Air Force Delivered Phoenix Ghost

At least 121 of the new drones are headed to Ukraine as part of the latest $800 million security package.

The Military's 5G Gear Could Be Obsolete When It's Fielded

"Time to market" is the Navy's chief digital innovation officer's biggest 5G concern, after security.

Defense Department Sets Out to Build Miniature Nuclear Reactor, Again

Changing politics and military goals suggest that this time, mobile nuclear power could go mainstream.

Lockheed Martin Hopes the US Has Turned the Corner on Hypersonics

March test ‘one of the biggest steps we've seen’ in development of new hypersonic weapons, company officials say.

Russian Scientists Say They Have A New System to Monitor Attacks on the Russian Internet

Attacks on Russian web services have grown considerably since the start of the invasion.

The Ukraine War Is Giving Commercial Space an ‘Internet Moment’

Improvements spurred by Russia’s invasion will help the industry long after the fighting ends.

Surprise! The Navy Declared Its Newest Carrier Battle-Ready Last Year

USS Gerald R. Ford reached its initial operational capability in December, service leaders said Tuesday.

Space Force Buys a Digital Twin of Orbital Space

Updated “minute-by-minute,” the Slingshot Aerospace tool is expected to improve training and real-world planning.

Pentagon Delays Department-wide Cloud, Again

Officials say they didn't expect to need so much time to choose among four bids for a $9 billion cloud contract.