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TikTok, COVID, and Chips: Senators and Intelligence Community Reinforce Diverse Threats Posed by China

During an annual hearing on the biggest threats to the United States, senators and top intelligence officials discussed China’s growing non-military influence.

'Major Technical Challenges' Hinder Path to Responsible AI, NIST Official Says

Effective AI governance starts with developing metrics for trust—and that itself is fiendishly difficult.

The Reaper UAV Is Getting Its Own Drone Swarm

Air Force special operators are rigging the venerable uncrewed aircraft with an ISR swarm that may take just one person to control.

Medevac Drone-Boat, Record-Setting UAV to Play in Sprawling Maritime Exercise

The U.S.-led IMX and Cutlass Express events will take place from the Mideast to East Africa.

Leased Ship Will Shape USMC Amphib Requirements

The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab will wring out modified commercial ships to learn what is needed in future amphibious ships.

Pentagon Didn't Check Risks Before Authorizing Cloud Services, IG Finds

The military branches “may be unaware of known vulnerabilities and cybersecurity risks associated with operating their systems or storing their data,” the Pentagon inspector general found.

Got New Autonomous Tech? The Army Wants to See It

Officials are gathering candidates for a second autonomous-tech assessment: air-ground robots, voice-guided technology, and more.  

Defense One Radio, Ep. 117: Spies in the balloon?

We review the latest ups and downs in the U.S.-China relationship, which has been shaken by allegations of spying via aerostat.

Biden Says Objects Shot Down Over Weekend Likely Not Chinese Spy Craft

White House wants to lead dialogue on “global norms” for unmanned flying objects.

US Woos Other Nations for Military-AI Ethics Pact

State Department and Pentagon officials hope to illuminate a contrast between the United States and China on AI.

Can a New Information-Security Approach Save the Navy $1B a Year?

The CIO touts his Cyber Ready plan for continuous vulnerability monitoring.