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Air Force Working Closely with New-Jet Designers, Secretary Says

Service engineers are “living in the same design space” as the two companies doing NGAD development, Frank Kendall said.

Regulate AI to Boost Trustworthiness and Avoid Catastrophe, Experts Tell Lawmakers

The difference between AI that’s a boon to society or a curse lies in truthfulness, a uniquely human concept.

A ‘Stronger, Faster’ Intelligence Community Is Possible With AI

But caution is needed to make sure the technology doesn’t go off the rails.

Tomorrow’s Special Operator? Less Iron Man, More 007

But first, SOCOM must reverse a trend of “falling behind, not just linearly but exponentially” to Chinese and Russian tech.

Talk More, Urges Pentagon's New Science Strategy

“We are prepared to accept more risk to share more information with allies and partners,” it says.

Air Force Is Working on Rules for Using ChatGPT

The service's CIO also wants to encourage exploration of the "incredibly powerful capability" of generative artificial intelligence tools.

How Do You Guard AI Data? The Army Wants to Know

If an enemy can mess with a training dataset, the promise of AI tools could become a nightmare.

The Pentagon’s AI Chief Is ‘Scared to Death’ of ChatGPT

But other defense leaders are more eager to deploy new artificial-intelligence tools.

How DOD Is Experimenting with AI for Enhanced Cybersecurity

Automated penetration testing and threat hunting could enable much faster response to threats. But adversaries are also accelerating their capabilities.

Augmented-Reality Goggles ‘On Pace' for Limited 2024 Rollout, Army Says

Full production of the much-delayed Integrated Visual Augmentation System may start in summer 2025, the Army's chief buyer said.

The NSA Is Warning AI Startups: ‘China Is Coming For You’

In congressional testimony, intelligence leaders describe highlight China’s artificial-intelligence ambitions.

What's Holding Up the US Military's Use of AI?

Two of the obstacles are spotty networks and inadequate data, CENTCOM's CTO says.

Robot Rescue? Air Force Seeks New Way to Recover Downed Troops

The CSAR helicopters it’s currently buying can’t handle the mission in a conflict with China, officials say.


CENTCOM Hires AI Guru from Google

Andrew Moore, former director of Google Cloud AI, heads to CENTCOM to bring new approaches to data and innovation.