Science & Tech

How Russia-, China-linked actors use OpenAI for disinformation

American AI tools are boosting disinformation around the world. That has the makers of those tools concerned.

China’s effort to take over Taiwan without firing a shot

How influence operations, cyber-weapon hoarding, and intimidation factor into China’s Taiwan play.

Across the Army, units lean into drone experimentation

In division after division, soldiers are learning to use a rising wave of robots and other unmanned systems.

Losing hearts and minds: The desperate state of US influence operations

The United States is surrendering ground to Russia and China’s propaganda machines. That has key officials increasingly worried.

First Replicator drones already in Indo-Pacific, DOD says

It’s a first for “warfighter-centric innovation,” says deputy defense secretary.

Navy secretary vows more money for anti-drone lasers

The Defense Department’s spending on lasers is down, but the need is up.

Ukrainians plead with White House to lift missile-use restrictions

The White House is giving Ukraine more weapons, but also “limiting our capabilities,” officials warn.

B-2 that caught fire in 2022 won’t be fixed, Air Force confirms

That will leave just 19 of the stealth bombers, according to the service’s new force-structure plan.

Drones could guide every bit of an Army division’s firepower, 101st CO says

From mortars to missiles, the airborne unit is rethinking the use of uncrewed systems in the kill chain.