Science & Tech

Chinese Disinformation Group Targeted Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit

Efforts to attack critics of the PRC online have expanded in recent months.

Cyber Ambassador Pick Wants to Bring 'Coherence' to Tech Diplomacy Efforts

Nathaniel Fick, the former Marine and head of Center for a New American Security, also wants more deterrence efforts in cyberspace.

Can a Fitness App Ease the Military’s Recruitment Crisis?

App gives recruiters a tool to monitor how their recruits are shaping up before shipping out.

Robot Ships Debut at RIMPAC, Helping US Navy Sail Toward a Less-Crewed Future

Four unmanned surface vessels sailed with manned ships, sharing data and testing how they would operate with the larger U.S. fleet.

The Navy Is Testing 5G For Future Forward Operating Bases

From drone-deployed 5G networks to digital twinning, a small 5G pilot is rewriting the rules for battlefield connectivity.

After ‘Critical’ CHIPS Act, More Needed To Build Domestic Production, Experts Say​​

Global economics and lack of factory workers are among the factors complicating efforts to bring chip manufacturing back to the United States.

Faster Attacks Have Cyber Command Looking to Add All-Too-Scarce Experts

“I think the only way that I'm going to be able to do that in the near term is to grow the workforce myself,” command official says.

A Navy Cyber Effort Is Fixing Thousands of Holes—and Building Tech Talent

A 10th Fleet operation gives tech-curious reservists some training and a real-world mission.

How NORAD Plans to Ward Off Cruise Missiles Fired at the US

The command has goals for 2025 and 2030, but wants more guidance from the Pentagon.


Senators Take Aim At Future Quantum-Enabled Hacking With New Bill

Advanced computers of tomorrow pose big challenges to information security today.

Cyber Looms Large in House NDAA

From establishing the National Digital Reserve Corps to setting term limits at CISA, here’s what you need to know about the tech and cyber amendments currently featured in the House version of the FY2023 NDAA.

Military-Funded Program Produces A Self-Propelling Mesh Network In Space

Satellites that take advantage of the unique atmospheric conditions of low-earth orbit.

Ukraine Says It Needs at Least 100 HIMARS and Longer-Range Rockets

More mobile artillery rocket systems, drones, and longer-range rockets would be a “game changer” said top Ukrainian defense official.

Self-Driving Cars Could Soon See Much Better

Advances in laser range-finding could enable much smarter smart vehicles.

Navy Prints Metal Parts on the High Seas

An amphibious assault ship is testing a shipboard 3D printer during RIMPAC exercises.