Science & Tech

High-Powered microwave weapon may have just passed a critical test

RTX’s CHIMERA shows it can track and attack targets at "tactically relevant ranges"

Innovation needs to go more than skin-deep at the Pentagon, advisory board says

Mid-tier leaders aren’t properly rewarded for risk, the Defense Innovation Board finds.

Air Force sticking with Sentinel despite huge cost breach, officials say

The ICBM program is now expected to cost 37 percent more than previous projections.

In a first, Army uses Slack-style battlefield software to coordinate field exercises

The ATAK app enables soldiers to mark enemies and send texts—just as their Ukrainian counterparts are doing.

The Pentagon is already testing tomorrow’s AI-powered swarm drones, ships

DOD pulled off unmanned amphibious landings, self-coding drones, and more just in the last year. What's next?

How often does ChatGPT push misinformation?

Researchers found that one of the most popular generative-AI tools agreed with false statements up to one-quarter of the time.

Why the Navy isn’t shooting down Houthi drones with lasers yet

A paradox is slowing the service's drive to replace expensive missiles with theoretically better energy weapons.

Don't forget about 'old-fashioned' AI

For all of the hype aboutChatGPT and its generative ilk, older machine-learning tools and techniques are still useful and getting better.

Army tests long-range quantum radio communication

A new form of atomic radio detection could protect sensitive communications from hackers—or reveal hidden adversaries.

DARPA puts millions behind effort to power drones with ground-based lasers

Raytheon gets $10 million to develop energy “webs” that could keep drones in the air indefinitely.

New report urges US to look beyond cheap low-earth satellites for missile warning

Tracking hypersonic missiles across oceans is like trying to “find a cup of tea that you’ve dropped into a swimming pool.”

Army looks to field loitering munitions next year

The Army is also experimenting with robots integrated with platoons at Fort Moore and Irwin.

US rushed new F-35 capabilities to Israel after Hamas attack

Pentagon officials say they’re delivering “unprecedented surge support to F-35 users in Israel.”

The military’s zero-trust plans are about to face a big test

An INDOPACOM exercise will test the military’s data-centric security strategy.