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DARPA wants to use AI to find new rare minerals

With spectral analysis, it’s possible to “tell the difference [between] cocaine that came from one cartel’s area of Colombia versus another.”

Defense One Radio, Ep. 159: Tech Summit: DARPA’s Stefanie Tompkins

We conclude our 2024 Tech Summit coverage with an interview featuring DARPA Director Stefanie Tompkins.

What Estonian drone companies are learning from Ukraine

Estonian companies are getting lightning-quick user feedback and real-world electronic warfare testing, thanks to hands-on experiments in Ukraine.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 158: Tech Summit: The state of hypersonics

Our 2024 Tech Summit coverage continues with a discussion about the future of hypersonic missile research and development.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 157: Tech Summit: The Pentagon’s Maynard Holliday

We’re sharing some of our notable exchanges from the 2024 Defense One Technology Summit, beginning with the Pentagon's Maynard Holliday.

Army tests next-gen long-range fires capability in Pacific

Land forces also used high-altitude sensing balloons and new endurance ISR drone during a Navy-led exercise.

Army to seek industry help on AI

"We're not gonna develop our algorithms better than y’all,” a service acquisition leader told an industry conference.

Attacks against defense industrial base increasing, NSA chief warns

The Pentagon is pushing ahead with zero-trust plans to automate defenses against future threats.

A key Pentagon data-analysis tool is getting ease-of-use upgrades

The Advana platform is being rebuilt to handle data differently.

Space Command renews call for ways to refuel satellites in orbit

Despite others’ reservations, commander says U.S. space assets need to be able to outrun adversaries.

Two startups join forces to make self-flying tankers, dogfighting AI, and more

Merlin Labs, which aims to test an AI-powered KC-135 within a year, is to buy F-16 AI driver EpiSci.

How AI is turning satellite imagery into a window on the future

What can a picture from space tell you? “You're likely to have a drought here that might lead to civil unrest.”


New sat images show Russian vessels fleeing Black Sea ports

Ukrainian drone attacks have also prompted Russian patrols and harbor defenses, according to BlackSky images.

How Estonia is becoming a hotbed for drone warfare

Projects include experimental loitering munitions that cost a fraction of U.S. equivalents.

Air Force tests AI-designed, 3D-printed drones

Qatar-based Task Force 99 is also eyeing a new U.S. component.