Science & Tech

L3Harris eyes 2025 for F-16 EW production

Viper Shield will enable international customers to detect more than one enemy.

Can troops with 3D printers save the Pentagon’s mass-drone vision?

Big defense contractors aren’t jumping at the chance to make cheap drones. It might be up to the troops.

DARPA seeks AI-powered ‘autonomous scientist’ to help researchers

The agency wants to do for scientists what AI code generators have done for programmers.

US to deploy new land-based missiles, Army’s Pacific commander says

Gen. Flynn says China’s rapidly advancing military is on a dangerous trajectory.

Air Forces Cyber turns focus to information operations

New training effort will teach how to target disinformation campaigns and how to influence audiences.

B-21 takes flight, heads to Edwards AFB for more tests

Air Force “on track” for delivery of first operational Raider bombers in the mid-2020s, officials say.

Security remains a challenge as Pentagon broadens 5G plans

As DoD looks to put next-gen cell service to work against China, it will lean heavily on R&D by the US telecom industry.

Soldiers' winning idea hides friendly radio calls in a sea of noise

Innovation competition draws new devices and new methods to a showdown in Hawaii.

DOD’s new AI and data strategy gives industry a challenge: share

Implementing the new strategy will require companies to work together in ways they never have before.

Agencies get marching orders as White House issues AI-safety directive

NIST is ordered to draft red-teaming requirements, NSF to work on cryptography, and DHS to apply them to critical infrastructure.

Only 3D printing can get the Navy’s submarine plan back on track, admiral says

U.S. cannot build and support the subs it needs “without going to additive manufacturing.”

Israel, US are losing the influence war over Gaza—but the Palestinians aren’t winning

The world no longer consumes information in a way that allows governments full control of narratives.

US wants to build more arms with Pacific allies

Pentagon’s top weapons buyer also touts “industrial-size” 3D printers sent to Ukraine.

Microchip breakthrough may reshape the future of AI

IBM’s new NorthPole may enable smarter, more efficient, network-independent devices that may even help the U.S. win the microchip war against China.