Ep. 73: Monuments, terrorism and the American white power movement

'Each time the white supremacist movement has surged in the U.S., that surge has been mirrored by a similar increase within the armed forces.'

Ep. 72: What “China” means in 2020

An exploration of what we mean when we talk about China today.

Ep. 71: The future of Arctic security, with U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Karl Schultz

The Coast Guard commandant shares some of his concerns about China, Russia, how the coronavirus has challenged the force, and more.

Ep. 70: Robotics, Esports and the future of national security

Get smart on human-machine teaming, the future of work, and why the Army has turned to video games like never before.

Ep. 69: “The World: A Brief Introduction,” with Richard Haass

The president of the Council on Foreign Relations explains why the world needs to be reintroduced to a general audience in 2020.

Ep. 68: How Americans view the U.S. role in the world, with Ivo Daalder

Are Americans ready, willing, and able to be the global security leaders of this century?

Ep. 66: The 1918 flu and the U.S. military

How the U.S. military was battered by, and slowly learned from, the influenza pandemic of 1918.

Ep. 65: Preparing for the next coronavirus

Three things that could help better protect us ahead of the next coronavirus-like pandemic.

Ep. 64: Coronavirus and national security

Where are disruptions hitting the defense industry hardest? How are federal workers adjusting? And what do we know about the race for a cure?

Ep. 63: War in space

What might orbital war look like? How might it start, and how could it proceed?

Ep. 62: Wagner and Russian private military contractors

How much do we understand about what these groups are up to? And how much should the U.S. and its allies be concerned?

Best of 2019: Defense One Radio

Review the year that was — and consider what's next — with episodes from our award-winning podcast.

Ep. 61: Influence operations in 2020

In 2016, Moscow sowed division with fake news. Today, Russian agents simply reflect the things Americans say about each other.

Amid Rising Tensions: A Conversation with Pakistan’s Ambassador

Asad Majeed Khan discusses the U.S. troop pullout in Afghanistan, the worsening situation in Kashmir, and efforts to fight extremism.

Ep. 59: The future of European security

Here's a look at some of the ways Europe is changing amid various pressures from Russia, China and the NATO alliance.

Defense One Wins Two Eddie Awards

The Folio: media group recognized the Defense One Radio podcast and an investigative piece on the Pentagon’s JEDI contract.