New Small Aircraft Carrier Unlikely, Admiral Says As US Navy Begins New Assessment

Air warfare chief: “I believe the L-class ships operating with the F-35B fit that bill.”

Pentagon Picks Lockheed, Northrop-Raytheon Team to Develop Missile Interceptors

Officials reject a bid by Boeing, which builds the current generation of missile interceptors.

UK Confirms Plans to Add F-35s, But Won’t Commit to Original Goal

Officials have promised to buy 48, are thinking about buying more, but wouldn’t say whether the 138-plane vision will ever be realized.

Better Weapons or More Soldiers? Army Chief Says He's Being Forced to Choose 

“We'd like to make it bigger, but what we have to do is prioritize,” said Gen. James McConville.

Lockheed-Aerojet Deal Clears Another Hurdle

Aerojet Rocketdyne shareholders approved plans for the $4 billion sale that Lockheed claims will save the U.S. $100 million annually. But the FTC is still reviewing.

Tie US Arms Exports to Values, Pentagon Policy Chief Nominee Says

Colin Kahl says sales to Saudi Arabia may change under Biden administration.

AI-Powered Drones Emerge as R&D Priority for Boeing

As the company cuts costs in other areas, a new drone flew for the first time last week.

Air Force General: If US Doesn’t Hurry to Build New Fighter, China Will

A test version of the highly classified Next Generation Air Dominance aircraft flew last year.

F-35 Still the ‘Cornerstone’ Fighter, Top Air Force General Says 

After calling for a new fighter, Gen. Brown clarified the F-35 is alive and well while a new study reevaluates fighters and drones for 2036.

Space Firms Put Aside Rivalries to Share Threat Data

A new clearinghouse has begun gathering and distributing information about threats to space networks, products, and services.

Troubled KC-46 Tankers Cleared for Limited Ops, Air Force Says

The decision will free up older aerial refuelers needed overseas. But the KC-46 still can gas up only some warplanes and needs more testing and new technology.