Pentagon Looking to Make Sure SpaceX Doesn’t Abandon Them in War

Spooked by the company’s new limits in Ukraine, military leaders are mulling new types of contracts.

Intelligence Agencies Seek Better Ways to Buy IT and Emerging Tech

Many contracting offices are short-staffed, even though nearly 80% of the IC's budget goes to contractors.


Memo Details Effort to Boost Production of Weapons Sent to Ukraine

The Pentagon's top buyer offers a “targeted list” of weapons to help solve a problem decades in the making.

New Institute Will Study How the Defense Department Manages Itself

To “compete on a global stage,” DOD must get a handle on its management practices, Deputy Defense Secretary says.

Expect Big Replenishment Orders Soon, Army Tells Industry

February and March should bring contracts to replace weapons sent to Ukraine, acquisition chief says.

CEOs Downplay Anticipated Gridlock on Capitol Hill, Defense Spending Cuts

Lockheed, Raytheon chiefs also say pandemic-era supply-chain woes are subsiding.

Advanced F-16 Version Makes First Flight, Lockheed Says

Five countries have ordered the fighter jet’s Block 70 variant, and the company is looking for more customers.