Senator to Elon Musk: 'Fix Your Companies. Or Congress Will'

The SpaceX and social-media mogul mocked Sen. Ed Markey’s concerns about Twitter verifying fake accounts.

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Donated Tanks Headed to Ukraine

Kyiv will get 90 T-72 tanks, donated by the Czech Republic and upgraded with U.S. and Dutch funds.

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Commercial Planes, Ships Would Play Large Role in Pacific War, TRANSCOM Head Says

Last year’s massive Afghanistan evacuation could be a trial for how the military moves troops and equipment around the future battlefield.

Here Is the Counterdrone Kit the US Is Sending Ukraine

Made by L3Harris Technologies, the system can be quickly installed on different types of vehicles.

Rheinmetall, Partners Detail Armored Fighting Vehicle It’s Pitching to Replace Army’s Bradley

Executives touted each company’s unique technology and expertise as their special sauce.