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Bringing Zero Trust Architecture to the Public Sector

At a recent session at Nextgov’s CyberDefenders summit, industry experts discussed how agencies can get started on their ZTA journey.


Turkey Lifts Objection To Finland, Sweden Joining NATO

Leaders from the three nations signed an agreement in Madrid to cooperate more on counterterrorism.

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Enhancing Soldier Systems

Equipping soldiers with innovative technologies for the future fight.



Proposed Tech-Industry Legislation Would Hurt National Security

Provisions could force tech companies to break apart integrated security tools currently embedded in device and platform operating systems to screen for spyware and malware.


The US Army Just Placed What Might Be Its Last Order for Black Hawk Helicopters

The deal with Sikorsky comes just months before the military is expected to choose a company to build a replacement.


Pentagon Is Seeking Air-Defense Options For Ukraine

Biden told Zelenskyy that anti-cruise missile systems will be part of a future security package.


Quantum Sensors—Unlike Quantum Computers—Are Already Here

And they’re improving at a rate that demands urgent attention.


NATO to Approve ‘Biggest Overhaul’ Of Defense Since Cold War, Leader Says

The alliance’s response force is to grow from 40,000 to 300,000 troops, Stoltenberg announced.


G7 To Ban Import of Russian Gold as Bombs Hit Kyiv Kindergarten

Groups like the G7 and EU have played a critical role in punishing Moscow for its invasion and cushioning the war’s global effects, experts said.


Budding Spies Might Not Get Weeded Out for Past Drug Use

Activists say this would be a practical step to help ensure all the best candidates are getting considered for intelligence jobs. 


‘Matter of National Security’: Democratic Veterans, Advocates Call For Codifying Right To Abortion

“Now that women in uniform have lost their reproductive rights, our country's fighting force is hindered and our security is at risk,” said a former Army helicopter pilot running for Congress.