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Concur Cloud for Public Sector Receives FedRAMP Authorized Status

Concur Cloud for Public Sector was built to protect sensitive government data and meet government security standards while providing a modern management platform.


U.S. military completes temporary pier off Gaza; deliveries to start within days

Thousands of tons of aid are on the way, one week after the IDF closed a key land corridor.

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Navigating the AI revolution: Strategies for ethical implementation in federal civilian agencies

An industry expert offers an insightful demystification of AI, delving into core principles and best practices the company infuses into service, as well as advice for an ever-changing future.


Defense Systems

The Air Force needs more in-house coders

Andrew Hunter, the service’s lead buyer, said adding experts on staff would make the government a better software customer.


Ukrainians plead with White House to lift missile-use restrictions

The White House is giving Ukraine more weapons, but also “limiting our capabilities,” officials warn.


House authorizers: cut F-35 purchases to fix problems

Their version of the defense policy bill would reduce the Pentagon’s 2025 purchase by 10 jets.

Defense Systems

Why DOD’s network agency is SATCOM-curious

The Defense Information Systems Agency is experimenting with multiple satellite communications providers as it works to make the network more resilient.

Science & Tech

B-2 that caught fire in 2022 won’t be fixed, Air Force confirms

That will leave just 19 of the stealth bombers, according to the service’s new force-structure plan.


An Army drone branch? Idea advances in House subcommittee

Tactical and Land Forces panel’s NDAA proposal would also fund 3 “unfunded priorities.”


Enemies may disrupt US satellites by hacking ground stations, Pentagon says

As commercial firms enable more of the military's space operations, basic cybersecurity concepts become essential, says MIeke Eoyang, DASD for cyber policy.


Sudan’s descent into chaos sets stage for al-Qaida to return to a stronghold

The group's opportunities imperil not only the country but also regional, and potentially global, security.