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How JADC2 Will Help Empower the Warfighter

Northrup Grumman will support mission efforts and help to make JADC2 a reality.

Northrop Grumman

The Navy's Fleet Plan Has Two Strikes Against It

A recent report about the plan is classified, which will hinder leaders’ efforts to talk about it, and the service lacks a confirmed acquisition chief.

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Inside the Marine Corps’ Drive Toward Modernization

The Marine Corps’ Force Design 2030 report codifies what the Marine Corps must do to outpace and outmatch its near-peer adversaries.



HIMARS’ Hidden Superpower and Other Acquisition Lessons from Ukraine

With no U.S. troops on the ground, acquisition professionals are the operators making the difference.


Major Aerospace Supplier Spirit AeroSystems Looks to Expand Military, Space Business

Company executives see the company playing a larger role in designing hypersonic weapons and next-generation aircraft.


CNO: Pacific Forces Can Learn from NATO’s Work with Ukraine

Leaders leave RIMPAC thinking about ways to increase info-sharing, international cooperation.


If War Comes to Space, Who Will Control US Spy Satellites?

U.S. intelligence and military are speeding new sensors to space. They are still working on details of who’s ultimately in charge during a conflict.


Senate Votes To Add Finland, Sweden to NATO

Twenty-three NATO members have now ratified the accessions. Seven still need to act.

Science & Tech

Cyber Ambassador Pick Wants to Bring 'Coherence' to Tech Diplomacy Efforts

Nathaniel Fick, the former Marine and head of Center for a New American Security, also wants more deterrence efforts in cyberspace.

Science & Tech

Can a Fitness App Ease the Military’s Recruitment Crisis?

App gives recruiters a tool to monitor how their recruits are shaping up before shipping out.

Science & Tech

Robot Ships Debut at RIMPAC, Helping US Navy Sail Toward a Less-Crewed Future

Four unmanned surface vessels sailed with manned ships, sharing data and testing how they would operate with the larger U.S. fleet.


Just Weeks After Saudi Trip, Biden Administration Greenlights $5B in Arms for Gulf Nations

Under the deal, Riyadh could spend $3 billion on Patriot interceptors; the UAE, $2.2 billion on THAAD interceptors.