Simple, Secure, and Cost-Effective Spend Management

Fiscal responsibility, compliance, accuracy, and accountability are at the foundation of both your organization’s reputation and its ability to function effectively. A strong partnership between finance and IT is how you can effectively manage spend for organizational success.

Toward the AI-Enabled Fight

If the United States is to keep ahead of a rapidly gaining China in the field of artificial intelligence, it needs a concrete and comprehensive plan for action.

Federal Budget Outlook for 2022

The president's budget submission holds important insight for agencies on program priorities.

The Evolution of the FITARA Scorecard

Nextgov examines Congress’ main tool to measure agencies’ IT modernization efforts—the FITARA Scorecard—and how it changes.

Data-Driven Government

A Candid Survey of Government Officials on Data, Culture, and Technology Motivations

Accelerate AI Data Pipeline – FlashStack™ for AI

Accelerate AI Data Pipeline – Introducing FlashStack for AI a holistic solution designed to deliver an end-to end AI pipeline solution. Jointly developed by Cisco and Pure Storage®, this flexible scale-out solution is powered by Cisco® UCSTM server and Pure Storage FlashBladeTM.

AIRI® for AI Workload Scaling

Get faster time-to-insights with Pure Storage® FlashBlade® and NVIDIA DGX A100.

Navy High Performance Computing Agency Catalog

DH Tech, emerging technology provider, is an award winning industry recognized leader in the design and implementation of resilient, cost effective and innovative enterprise solutions. DH Tech has been awarded the Navy High Performance Computing catalog and has successfully delivered more than $25M in solutions for the Department of Navy since 2013.

Corporate Capabilities

IMPRES knows the Federal marketplace. As a leading IT solutions provider, IMPRES Technology Solutions, Inc., combines decades of technological expertise with a thorough understanding of the federal procurement and contracting process to implement the best possible IT solution for your agency while reducing risk and lowering costs. Learn more with our Corporate Overview.

Delivering Digital Outcomes & Modernizing IT Infrastructure

Inside the Advanced Technology Center: The ATC is a collaborative ecosystem to design, build, educate, demonstrate and deploy innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions for World Wide Technology customers.

Crisis-Enabled Procurement

How to Invigorate Procurement Processes during Emergencies

Success Strategies for Multicloud Management

The challenges of managing cloud infrastructure and services have become ever more complex as organizations move to a hybrid multicloud environment. Maintaining governance and control over several cloud resources, as well as legacy infrastructure, is critical. But separate and different management tools offered by cloud service providers make it challenging to easily control disparate environments. Instead, customer marketplaces now offer a single, robust, and cost-efficient solution for selecting, implementing, and managing all cloud environments. We spoke to Justin Ciaccio, Director of Commercial Sales, ViON, to better understand the challenges—and solutions.

Bridging the Gap: How State and Local Governments Can Create More Equitable Digital Services

Americans are increasingly leveraging technology for everything from telehealth services to remote work. But a growing digital divide has made it difficult for many citizens to access these critical services. Here, Cisco’s Sielen Namdar weighs in on how state and local governments can help change that.

How a Utility Improved Revenue Collection with a Move to Cloud

Moving from on-premises servers to the cloud brings Jackson, Miss., higher reliability and performance.

Kansas Chooses Cloud to put Citizen Services First

The state’s new integrated eligibility cloud environment ensures its most vulnerable get the help they need.

The People's Lifeline

A Candid Survey of Benefits Administration Officers in the Federal Government

The Critical Connection

Top 5 Takeaways in the Next Era of Benefits Administration

Safeguarding Supplies

A new ‘stress test’ approach to supply chain resiliency.

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