Behind the Transformation Efforts Changing the Federal Health Landscape

To meet emerging challenges, federal agencies can look to NIH’s Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) Chief Information Officer-Solutions and Partners 4 (CIO-SP4) governmentwide contract as one of the largest and most transformative federal health IT contracts in recent history.

Stronger Together

When hackers made an illicit wire transfer of over $1 million from a small business bank, the FBI stepped in to help. A bureau case study describes how agents used a modernized communications and case management platform to coordinate with overseas staff, alert foreign law enforcement partners, and stop the transfer. Download this eBook for more real life applications of how digital systems enhance collaboration in federal investigations.

Ransomware 2021: Critical Mid-Year Update

When we published our latest Crypto Crime Report a few months ago, we noted that ransomware was 2020’s fastest-growing segment of cryptocurrency-related crime, with victim payments to attackers growing 311% to reach nearly $350 million worth of cryptocurrency. Since then, Chainalysis joined the Institute for Security and Technology’s Ransomware Task Force. Together, the task force put out a report sizing up the ransomware problem and making recommendations on how governments around the world can address it.

Data Defenders: How Agencies Can Win the Fight Against Cybercrime

Amid a spike in cyber activity, government and industry leaders come together to modernize their security posture. Here’s how.

The Data Diaries

How do community leaders use evidence-based policymaking to drive decisions around fund allocation, vaccine distribution and other local issues? At a recent virtual roundtable, state and local leaders came together to discuss their processes.

Countering China

This ebook looks at China’s challenge to the West and some of the various ways to confront it.

The Silent Threat: Supply Chain & Third Party Cyber Risk

The December 2019 SolarWinds compromise, discovered not by the company itself, but by FireEye as they conducted an internal investigation, has proven to be a wake-up call. The wide-ranging impact of this attack demonstrates that “check-list security” for supply chain and vendor risk management is no longer sufficient. Layering threat intelligence onto your ecosystem’s external network footprint is critical to protecting your organization.  Learn how to measure and mitigate your supply chain and third-party risk now.

Operation Security: How DOD is Tapping Hardware Security Keys to Protect Against Threats

Today’s threat landscape has become increasingly complex, and the Defense Department is especially vulnerable in areas that the CAC isn't best suited for such as non-CAC eligible employees and contractors, telework, and mobile/BYOAD. Now, the DOD is investing in modern authentication tools and technologies, such as hardware security keys, to secure its environment. Here’s how.

Community in the Cloud

Big Data and the Intelligence Community

4 Ways AI Can Help Agencies Provide Constituents with Unparalleled Service

By using innovative customer experience (CX) design, agencies have been able to tap into the power of AI chatbots and voice bots to improve the constituent experience.

Virtual Desktop Solution for Government

IT leaders in government are facing a challenge of safeguarding their organization and providing the proper tools to remote workforces. In this whitepaper, discover how a VDI solution from Cisco and NVIDIA enables protection with increased security, productivity, and scalability.

The New Future of Warfighting

A Conversation on Army Modernization Priorities

The Definitive Guide for Government Employee Experience

How to activate the untapped power of your people to fulfill your agency's mission.

Video Conferencing and Collaboration Tools Are Here to Stay for Government

In a post-pandemic world, many state and local governments will continue to use Zoom to keep employees and citizens connected.

Future Army Tech

A look at the new gear and top technology challenges facing the U.S. Army, from futuristic goggles to battlefield jamming.

Modernizing the Mission: The 3 Biggest Data Challenges Facing State and Local Government Today

With more information at their fingertips, state and local government leaders are itching to use data to make their jobs easier and help the citizens they serve. At a recent roundtable, agency and IT leaders from across the United States came together to share best practices on how to prioritize data transformation.

Securing Cyber

Threat actors have rapidly increased their sophistication over the last year. They’re using techniques that make them harder to spot. Nation-state bad actors are engaging in new reconnaissance techniques that are increasing their chances of compromising high-value targets, especially in government. To keep ahead, agencies need data, threat intelligence and security validation to assess the efficacy of their security technology.

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