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API-Led Integration: The Key to Successful DoD Data Strategy

This paper explores four technical challenges facing the DoD data strategy: accessibility, discoverability, security, and scalability.

Science & Tech

‘This May Not Be The Big One’: Army Scientists Warn of Deadlier Pandemics to Come

The service is closing in on a “pan-coronavirus” vaccine and on synthetic antibodies that could protect a population before spread. But that may not be enough.

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eBook: Joint All Domain Command & Control (JADC2)

Defense One takes a look inside the Pentagon’s effort to get every service branch’s battle networks to talk to each other.


Science & Tech

JEDI Cloud Update Coming Soon, Says Pentagon's No. 2

Kathleen Hicks said the department is assessing just how it will buy large-scale cloud services.


US Companies Won’t Pay to Prepare for Cyber Attacks. Congress Must Step In

A combination of funding and regulation is needed to boost the defenses and resilience of the corporations that America depends on.


Iran Stops Pretending

The rigged “election” of Ebrahim Raisi as Iran’s next president has the potential to be a turning point for the country. But its significance will be fully understood only in hindsight.


Extremism Has Spread Into the Mainstream

Preventing American radicalization requires a public-health approach.


Make US Army Aviation More Lethal

A few tweaks—and one big move—could dramatically increase the combat power available to commanders.


Pentagon Works to Sharpen Definition of ‘Extremism’

Review could reshape cooperation with domestic agencies, consequences for troops’ social media posts, and more.

Science & Tech

US Will Try Using Lasers to Send Data From Space to Drones

In the first experiment of its kind, military researchers will attempt to link drones to satellites via light.


Putin Suddenly Looks Very Small

With Trump out of office, the Russian leader has nobody else. Biden has NATO, the G-7, and the upper hand.


The Domestic Counterterrorism Strategy Is a Good Start—But Needs More

For at least three reasons, domestic CT strategy is harder than the international one that worked against al Qaeda.