CQ Brown’s Confirmation Hearing Will Get Nasty

The right hated the “woke” Gen. Milley. Wait ’til they meet a general who has fought racism for years.


F-35 Program Completes Band-Aid Fix for Engine

All jets had received the modification earlier this month, but the Pentagon is still trying to figure out why a mysterious vibration is happening.

Science & Tech

Space Force Will Look At How to Hack Targets From Space

“We're laying the groundwork for starting to figure that,” said the leader of Space Operations Command.


White House Releases Guidelines for Responsible AI Development

The Biden administration lists its priorities for federal R&D in artificial intelligence—and asks for suggestions about allaying the risks.


Science & Tech

DOD Wants AI to Help Automate Records Management

A new strategy seeks "an environment where DoD records are automatically identified and captured, expertly curated, and systemically governed."

Science & Tech

In Ukraine, USAID Created a Blueprint for Digital Citizenship. Now They’re Exporting It

The value of a USAID investment comes into sharp focus as Putin attempts to “win an information war in the Global South,” Samantha Power says.


Arms Flow 30% Faster to Ukraine as US Relearns Cold-War Skills

Logisticians are honing techniques invented to keep the Soviet Union from seizing Europe.

Defense Systems

NRO, Awash in Satellites and Their Data, Hopes AI Can Help It Cope

Artificial intelligence and machine learning could help send information faster and simplify constellation management, said the agency’s director, Chris Scolese.


Why Isn’t the Pentagon Helping the International Court Prosecute Putin?

DOD’s concerns about “reciprocity” should not constrain U.S. efforts to help Ukraine pursue justice.


GEOINT Conference Wire 2: All Eyes on AI

Many of the discussions on Day 1 of the geospatial-intelligence conference centered on generative artificial intelligence.

Defense Systems

Bringing GPS to the Moon Is the Next Frontier

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is part of a government collaboration to bring precise navigation to the lunar surface.

Science & Tech

Air Force Working Closely with New-Jet Designers, Secretary Says

Service engineers are “living in the same design space” as the two companies doing NGAD development, Frank Kendall said.