Has Congress Learned the Lessons of the Iraq War?

Besides repealing the AUMFs, lawmakers ought to create new tools to curb U.S. military interventions.

Navy, Marines Reevaluating Munition Stockpiles Due To Ukraine War

“Ukraine's war has taught us that we must transition from just-in-time stockpiles of weapons and munitions to just-in-case stockpiles,” Sen. Collins said.

Failed Hypersonic Test Dims Air Force View of Lockheed Missile

The service had previously disclosed that an ARRW test happened in March, but markedly avoided saying whether it was a success.

Seapower Chairman Wants Answers on Amphib Fleet Funding

Sen. Tim Kaine also said he expects the Navy’s 30-year-shipbuilding plan this week.

Air Force Wishlist: Accelerate E-7 Production, Extend F-15EX Range, Buy New Radars for F-16s

The service’s “unfunded priorities” list also includes $1.2 billion for 21 military construction projects.

Army Wishlist: Tank Upgrades, Augmented Reality

Service has $1.93 billion worth of priority items not included in its official budget request.

Amid Pentagon Focus On China, Indo-Pacific Command Says It Has $3.5B Budget Shortfall

This “unfunded list” comes on top of the $9.1 billion the Pentagon requested for “Pacific deterrence” in its 2024 spending proposal.

Lawmakers Blast TikTok CEO Over Data Privacy

At a House hearing, legislators took turns grilling Shou Chew about securing Americans’ data on the popular video-sharing app.

Pentagon’s No. 2 Civilians Fire Back in ‘Woke’ Wars

“There's been no detraction from the primary mission,” Navy Undersecretary Erik Raven told dubious GOP senators.

Navy On Path To Violate 31-Amphibious-Ship Requirement in 2024

Budget proposal asks Congress to allow ship retirements that lawmakers explicitly nixed last year.

More Is Needed to Deter States That Take American Hostages

Foreign governments are illegally detaining more U.S. citizens than are terror groups.

R&D Tops Procurement in Air Force’s 2024 Budget Proposal

Meanwhile, the Space Force is requesting $30 billion in 2024, $3.7 billion above last year’s enacted budget.

Let Us Bulk-Buy Missiles for Fighting China, Pentagon Asks Congress

The Defense Department says it wants to use more multi-year munition buys in future years as well.

Air Force Wants Faster A-10 Retirements

21 Warthogs are going away this year, and service leaders hope Congress will allow more.