The Marines Are Looking for a Few Older People

The Corps’ shift to a lighter, distributed force requires skills and judgment that may be easier to recruit than build, training chief says.

Congress’ Afghanistan Oversight Marred By Politics

Lawmakers overwhelmingly postured instead of asking America’s top diplomat real questions.

Will Congress Ever Repeal Its Post-9/11 War Authorizations?

The passage of two decades since the Sept. 11 terror attacks might be a “wake-up call” for lawmakers.

Army Chief: We’re Not Pushing Critical Race Theory

“What we’re trying to build is teams where everyone treats everyone with respect,” McConville said.

Army Chief Calls for Afghanistan Review: ‘Let the Cards Fall Where They Fall’

McConville says lessons must be learned because “terrorism is not going away.”

China Hawks Try for Beijing Olympics Boycotts on Defense Bill

Democrats rejected proposals that could affect military bases, but unlikely allies appear to be forming.

The Forever War is Dead. Long Live the Forever War

The fight against terrorism will continue, yet our body politic is weakened by double-speak.

Lawmakers Load Defense Bill With Measures Demanding Answers for Afghanistan's Fall—and Its Future

Armed Services Committee members passed several bipartisan Afghanistan-related amendments amid partisan jabs at Biden.

Biden Will Announce $60M Security Aid to Ukraine To Counter Russia

The White House meeting with Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelenskyy will also reaffirm the partnership between the two countries.

The Future of U.S.-Taliban Relations

Blinken says cooperation is possible, but only if Taliban acts appropriately.

Pentagon Orders Troops to Get COVID Vaccine

Austin’s order follows FDA approval of one vaccine—and the deadliest week yet for COVID-stricken troops.

Biden Holds to Aug. 31 Evacuation Deadline, But Orders Up ‘Contingency Plans’ for Afghanistan Pullout

Military, contracted planes have airlifted 87,900 people from Kabul as of Wednesday—but the Taliban is now clamping down on who can leave.

US Has Evacuated 42,000 from Kabul; 16,000 in last 24 Hours Alone, Pentagon Says

The pace is still rising; Taliban have threatened “consequences” if U.S. forces remain beyond Aug. 31.