Two-Thirds of DOD’s Major IT Projects Are Behind Schedule, GAO Found

Defense officials say lack of talent is slowing the adoption of cybersecurity best practices.

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Lockheed Martin Executive in Charge of F-35, F-22, Skunk Works Dies

Michele Evans, who was executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, had taken two medical leaves since 2019.

For Pentagon, Biden Picks Two Obama-era Policy Veterans to Help Austin

After passing on Flournoy, Biden taps Kathleen Hicks and Colin Kahl to be Austin's deputy defense secretary and undersecretary for policy.

House Votes to Override Trump’s Defense Authorization Veto

On Tuesday, the Senate could overturn a veto for the first time in Trump's presidency.


And have the signals-intelligence agency report directly to the Director of National Intelligence.

Trump Vetoes Defense Authorization Bill

For the Confederacy, conservative speech, and the desire to bring troops home, Trump rejected the $700 billion NDAA at the last minute before Washington breaks for Christmas.

Acting SecDef Miller Visits Troops in Afghanistan

Trump's designee returned 19 years after serving here, this time to oversee a controversial order to rush troops out before Joe Biden is sworn in.

Don’t Discount America’s Interest in Keeping Africa Safe

As the Pentagon removes more troops, consider what its modest investment has garnered.

How We’re Building a 21st-Century Space Force

Only by staying lean, agile, and tightly focused on our mission can we succeed in protecting the United States.

Trump Officials Deliver Plan to Split Up Cyber Command, NSA

An end to the “dual hat” arrangement has been debated for years — but the timing raises questions. The plan requires Milley's certification to move ahead.

Pushing Billions in Arms Sales Is Not an ‘Accomplishment’

It matters to whom the weapons are flowing and how they will be used.

Space Force Troops Get a Name: ‘Guardians’

VP Pence revealed the moniker for Trump’s oft-teased newest military service branch to stand alongside soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines.

SolarWinds Isn't the Only Way Hackers Entered Networks, CISA Says

The agency warned that ejecting attackers from networks will be tough, especially because they can likely read the email of IT and cybersecurity employees.

Milley Meets With Taliban In Fragile Peace Negotiations

The Joint Chiefs chairman's meeting comes at a profound moment of uncertainty for the U.S.-brokered talks on Afghanistan.

Keep Politics Out of National-Security Advisory Boards

Trump’s appointment of loyalists to a DOD board sets a dangerous precedent.

We Need a Goldwater-Nichols Act for Emerging Technology

The 1986 law made joint experience a prerequisite for high rank. We must do the same for technological facility.