Info threats demand a ‘cultural shift,’ new Pentagon strategy says

“The consistent integration of informational and physical power” must become “the norm.”

Missile-defense platform shows warming relations between Japan, S. Korea

By December, INDOPACOM aims to roll out a trilateral data-sharing system prescribed in a May agreement.

Air Forces Cyber turns focus to information operations

New training effort will teach how to target disinformation campaigns and how to influence audiences.

UK sees ‘incredible acceleration’ in military capabilities from Ukraine war

Defense companies are testing prototype arms and gear on eastern European battlefields.

US approving arms for Israel ‘case-by-case,’ State official says

Stan Brown says Ukraine, Israel aren’t generally competing for similar weapons aid.

After suspicious incidents, NATO works to protect undersea infrastructure

Joint Forces Command leader has also been monitoring Russian activity in the Arctic.

U.S. military strikes more Syrian facilities

The airstrikes, the second set in a week, were meant to degrade Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps capabilities.