Space Force needs more cyber operators for weapons, chief says

Protecting them is a primary concern for Space Operations Command, says its vice commander.

Budget delays could ‘slow roll’ Air Force’s digital infrastructure plans

In early 2024, the service plans to launch cloud-based command and control technologies in three undisclosed locations.

The Navy is drowning in data it doesn’t know what to do with

The service’s principal cyber advisor got candid about data struggles as it looks to adopt AI in operational plans.

Pentagon CIO prepares to take over 5G network portfolio

The plan is to build on existing test programs, like smart warehouses, while exploring new territory.

NSA ‘recently completed’ AI strategic study, director says

Outgoing chief Gen. Paul Nakasone looks back, forward, and pushes for Sec. 702 authority.

SDA readies second batch of satellites for its space data network

The Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture was designed to be the “space backbone” for JADC2.

Job 1 for makers of anti-drone defenses: write good software

Pentagon buyers are looking for control systems that are reliable, easy to use, and simple to update.

Army hopes big-data techniques can help secure its clouds

“Multifactor authentication will not be enough,” said the Army’s senior cyber leader.

1/4 of DOD cyber jobs are vacant. Here's the plan to fill them

Civilian cyber workers are the main challenge, as it's harder for DOD to attract and keep them.

Dealing with defense travel is a one-way ticket to frustration for lawmakers

Tempers flared as lawmakers demanded information on Pentagon’s scuttled $374 million deal for a new travel booking and reimbursement system.

Army's new training simulators on track for 2024 delivery

Trainees were so efficient at using simulated drones to coordinate artillery strikes that one soldier had to tell them to “leave something for the tanks to shoot at.”

Inside the fight over alternative sub fuel

A handful of lawmakers want the Navy to research low-enriched uranium fuel to reduce nuclear weapons proliferation. But funding bans are on the horizon.

New DIU head seeks to scale up DOD, Silicon Valley tech partnerships

Pentagon must reassure the startup world by showing it can put new commercial technology into operation, says the new head of the Defense Innovation Unit.

How many Super Hornets are ready to fly? The Navy’s tracking tools disagree

Congressional Budget Office examined two systems that use different metrics to track F/A-18 availability.

Get serious about data, US intelligence leaders tell agencies

ODNI’s new three-year plan aims to turn data-gathering from afterthought to key asset.