Navy leaders want more code-loving sailors at sea

One wants to take ad hoc data science efforts and fold them into a formal training cycle.

No phishing: Navy uses automation, data analytics to protect seagoing networks

10th Fleet is also working to help ships’ cyber defenders reach back to experts on land.

The Navy is building dashboards for its connect-everything effort

A conversation with Rebellion Defense about its new contract for Project Overmatch.

In shakeup, Army cancels planned scout helo, will retire two drones

After sinking nearly $2 billion into the FARA program, service leaders decide "enduring, unmanned, and space-based assets" would do the job better.

The Pentagon may need machines to help stop insider threats

Humans can’t always pick up on the nuances of network behavior so there’s a need for secure, automated tools that can.

New DOD program aims to pollinate U.S.-made biotech

The goal is to explore military-grade, biologically-based solutions.

Marine Corps to field squad-level loitering munitions by 2027

The Corps’ experience with logistics drones is yielding valuable lessons on deconflicting with friendly aircraft.

Explainer: Pentagon's 'AN' equipment designations

If terms like AN/SSQ-53B(V) have you boggled, Forecast International offers a decoder key.

The Pentagon’s IT agency is crafting its very own AI-chatbot

The Alexa-type bot would help answer simple queries like “how to get a new laptop,” the agency’s chief tech officer said.

The Pentagon’s latest connect-everything experiment shows progress, chief says

December's JADC2 experiment produced “a new set of connections across multiple data fabrics and applications,” said DOD’s deputy chief data and artificial intelligence officer.

Feds to compete for cyber glory at fifth annual President's Cup

CISA officials say the annual cybersecurity game aims to highlight the cyber-talented and educate the rest.

B-21 production is a go, Pentagon says

Defense undersecretary confirms Northrop Grumman has approval to start making non-test variants of the stealth bomber.

How the Navy is using deployed ships to improve maintenance

The goal is to keep ships at sea and those in queue up to date, the service’s surface warfare director said.

Some secret military programs are getting a little less secret

New classification guidance aims to streamline operations within the Pentagon and with foreign partners.

Pentagon’s next-gen missile-tracking effort moves ahead—for now

Three firms have been picked to build 54 satellites, but plans depend on funds in the still-unpassed 2024 budget.