GDIT Brought A Truck To A Satellite Show

The tech infrastructure company debuted a mobile mission control and data center built on the chassis of a Ford F-550.

NRO, Awash in Satellites and Their Data, Hopes AI Can Help It Cope

Artificial intelligence and machine learning could help send information faster and simplify constellation management, said the agency’s director, Chris Scolese.

Bringing GPS to the Moon Is the Next Frontier

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is part of a government collaboration to bring precise navigation to the lunar surface.

Pentagon Outlines Upcoming Contractor Cybersecurity Plan

Expect the congressionally mandated strategy by year’s end, DOD CISO says.

USAF Sees '100 Roles' for Its Robot Wingmen—and Firms Are Lining Up to Make Them

Air Force procurement chief offers the most detailed description yet of the collaborative combat aircraft program.

State Department Worries About Cyber Vulnerabilities Amid Debt Debate

The department wants to spend nearly $1 billion on cybersecurity in 2024 to improve networks and communications devices.

Want a DOD Contract? There'll Be an App for That

To reverse plummeting rates of small-business contracting, the Pentagon is working up software to make it easier to follow the rules.

Fill the Job of National Cyber Director, Lawmakers Urge Biden

The previous director left nearly three months ago, just before the administration released its national cyber strategy.

A Classified Cloud Is Headed to the Indo-Pacific

It’s part of DISA’s effort to bring continental-U.S.-level computing resources to U.S. military forces around the world.

Tomorrow’s Special Operator? Less Iron Man, More 007

But first, SOCOM must reverse a trend of “falling behind, not just linearly but exponentially” to Chinese and Russian tech.

Air Force Is Working on Rules for Using ChatGPT

The service's CIO also wants to encourage exploration of the "incredibly powerful capability" of generative artificial intelligence tools.

How Do You Guard AI Data? The Army Wants to Know

If an enemy can mess with a training dataset, the promise of AI tools could become a nightmare.

The Pentagon Wants to Peer Inside Its Cloud Providers’ Infrastructure

Recent leaks have the CIO’s office contemplating red teams and more IP scanning.

The Pentagon’s AI Chief Is ‘Scared to Death’ of ChatGPT

But other defense leaders are more eager to deploy new artificial-intelligence tools.

How DOD Is Experimenting with AI for Enhanced Cybersecurity

Automated penetration testing and threat hunting could enable much faster response to threats. But adversaries are also accelerating their capabilities.