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Chris LaPoint

Chris LaPoint is vice president of product management at IT management software provider SolarWinds, based in Austin, Texas.
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Why continuous monitoring and JIE make a perfect match

DOD's network merger means a more secure and efficient environment, but it also means monitoring a lot more traffic.

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Preventing a minor, insider accident from becoming a security catastrophe

Accidental cyber attacks caused by well-meaning insiders can be the most damaging, so agencies should not overlook these effective steps at prevention, Chris LaPoint writes.

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With a Sherlockian approach, detecting network threats can be elementary

Holistic network monitoring can help you keep track of all the threads in the ongoing mysteries of cyberspace, SolarWinds’ Chris LaPoint writes.

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Mobilizing the network? All those data sources can be a real drag

DOD needs to be prepared for the increased network complexity brought on by mobile command posts, UAVs and other data sources, SolarWinds’ Chris LaPoint writes.

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An app-centric view can help do away with DOD’s siloes

System administrators continue to rely on approaches that do not afford them cross-domain visibility or app-centric correlation between layers.

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Barking up the right tree: a dual-use approach to continuous monitoring

Configured the right way, continuous monitoring not only protects your network but enhances it.

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Training on the go: How to keep up with a changing IT landscape

IT managers have to step outside their comfort zones to prepare staff for a widely dispersed and increasingly virtualized military, Chris LaPoint says.

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Opportunity in chaos: fighting the war on network complexity

The mushrooming use of private clouds, big data and tools such as software defined networking makes effective network management more important than ever.

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3 ways to secure networks against current, future threats

Securing IT networks should be ongoing, with consideration for potential long-term effects and threats.