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eBook: Joint All Domain Command & Control (JADC2)

Defense One takes a look inside the Pentagon’s effort to get every service branch’s battle networks to talk to each other.


Why the US Military Is Leading the Charge on 5G

It’s not unlike the way that the armed forces invested in radar technology during World War II.


The Original Sin of the War in Afghanistan

How Biden viewed the start of America’s post-9/11 wars may inform his future decisions on the use of force.

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API-Led Hybrid Integration is Key to Successful Implementation of DoD Data Strategy

This paper explores four technical challenges facing the DoD data strategy: Accessibility, discoverability, security, and scalability.



$264B for ICBMs That Would Be Destroyed in the Ground? No, Thanks

Creating a spiffy new “nuclear sponge” makes neither fiscal nor strategic sense.

Science & Tech

Free the Data: Vice Chiefs Launch an Acquisition Crusade

Better access to weapon data is crucial to faster Pentagon purchasing — and dangerous to industry business models.


Countering China’s Military Challenge, Today

Denying the PLA its objectives in the 2020s requires diversification, distribution, and resiliency across posture and mission.


Germany’s Military an Unexpected Star in Pandemic Relief

The Bundeswehr’s ubiquity and effectiveness in various facets of the COVID response has created an unusual problem.


Biden Should Sink This Proposed Nuclear Weapon

None of the arguments for the nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missile hold water.


Afghanistan Will Know No Peace Without Pressure on Pakistan

Inconsistent global powers, foreign politics, and indifference to Pakistan’s Taliban sponsorship continue to frustrate Afghans and spoil peace efforts.


Release the Last ‘Low-Value’ Afghanistan POW Held at Gitmo

International law required the U.S. to release Asadullah Haroon Gul five years ago. Now there is truly no reason to hold him.


The USAF’s Bad Bets on Pilot Retention Show It Needs Outside Help

Service leaders think the same old tactics can reverse a pilot shortage in a resurging economy.


Advocates Hope First Female Army Secretary Brings Change

Nominee Christine Wormuth has led strategy and policy at the highest levels. Can she lead cultural change as well?


No F-35s for UAE, Please

The sale is likely to deepen existing conflicts and further enmesh the U.S. in the region.


Can the US and Russia Agree to Disagree?

The relationship is cold, but there are still some areas of mutual interest.