DISA pilot program offers small, mobile combat tablet with secret data access

A new 8-inch tablet allows senior commanders to transmit secret information and view real-time video feeds.

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is developing prototype tablets to provide senior military leaders with access to combat relevant classified information and real time video feeds, DISA officials said.

The pilot program, which introduces a larger 8-inch tablet screen, is designed for commanders on the move in combat who need to access and disseminate protected data.

"DISA understands global senior leaders require highly secure mobile solutions/devices to be always on and always connected,” said Leticia Parra, DMCC-S tablet pilot program manager. “The program is focused on listening to customer needs and providing them with larger viewing screens for real time missions.”

DISA is expanding its offerings under the Department of Defense Mobility Classified Capability-Secret (DMCC-S) Program through this new pilot program, which builds upon existing smartphone development and deployment for soldiers in combat.

“We’re bringing the mobile device from something you use mostly to consume information to being able to actually do work on the device,” said Jake Marcellus, DOD mobility portfolio manager.

The first tablet was issued to Dr. John Zangardi, acting DOD Chief Information Officer this past May.

Parra said the program has incorporated capability enhancements, such as support for the Unified Video Dissemination System (UVDS), which enables viewing of live full-motion video feeds and migrates ISR technology to smaller, more portable devices. At the moment, most units in combat need a larger laptop-like screen to access drone feeds or portable One System Remote Video Terminals often built into vehicles.