Could the Pentagon Use a Little ChatGPT?

The Air Force’s top tech leader said the AI technology, or something like it, could help “rapidly pull together information” such as figuring out who’s in charge of an organization.

How The Navy Trains Its Info Warfare Officers Needs Work

The goal is to expand the training into virtual and synthetic environments in the next few years.

Send Me Software, Not Hardware, Navy Infowar Leader Says

“Boxes of computers” aren’t so helpful aboard space-limited ships, Rear Adm. Doug Small said.

China’s Balloon May Have Taught the US More Than Beijing Learned From It, General Says

Still, NORAD’s chief says the U.S. military took “precautions,” including “non-kinetic effects.”

The Pentagon Has Unimplemented Cyber Recommendations from 2012

A new report from the Office of Inspector General points out longstanding unmet requests.

Tougher Cybersecurity Rules May Be More than a Year Away—But Don’t Wait to Get Ready

Contractors should prepare for independent checks on their data systems, and maybe more reporting requirements as well.

DOD Should Map the Competing Incentives that Hinder Innovation, Says Air Force 3-Star

That might point the way to needed cultural and structural changes, the service’s strategy-and-requirements leader told the Defense Innovation Board.

Want More Innovation? Get Out of Your Office and Talk to People

Advice from a former leader of the U.S. Army’s Rapid Equipping Force.

To Protect Satellites, Secure Your Networks, Chief of Space Ops Says

Cyber attacks can undermine space-based capabilities, Gen. Chance Saltzman said.

Army Debuts Improved Smartphone-Friendly Pay System

Starting Jan. 17, more than 1 million soldiers will be able to try out the new, more automated HR system.

Air Force Wants to Add Facial Recognition to Automated Base Entrance

Scott Air Force Base is looking for verification and identification algorithms for a facial recognition pilot.

How AI Could Predict The Damage to Ukraine from Russian Missiles

By training a machine-learning model on battle-damage imagery, one company aims to help understand where attacks are happening and assess damage more quickly and accurately.

Space-Imagery Firm Maxar to Go Private

With government contracts under its belt and a new constellation on the way, the company is to be acquired by a private-equity firm for $4B.

A Wireless Intelligence Community ‘On The Horizon,' Official Says

Getting there is a matter of appropriately protecting data and tweaking policies to allow for wireless secret- and top-secret networks.

The Saudi-China Deal Tells Us What Autocracies Want From Each Other

Biden’s blunt democracy-vs.-autocracy rhetoric may be pushing U.S. security partners toward Beijing.

Let’s Make It Easier to Share Top-Secret Data With Allies, Intel Leader Says

The Defense Intelligence Agency’s CIO wants to expand collaborative workspaces—and resist the urge to mark everything NOFORN.