The Navy wants to make info-warfare training ubiquitous

The plan is to open three new training centers and integrate nearly two dozen systems into the live, virtual, constructive training environment.

The Pentagon wants to help boost cybersecurity for small contractors

A new strategy outlines how the Defense Department plans to increase security and strengthen relationships across the industrial base.

Preparing for electronic warfare is the Army’s top cyber priority in 2024

Troops could have a backpack capability in the next six months—as long as Congress passes a budget.

Sprouts of promise bud in NATO’s tech incubator

Hopeful seedlings include improvements in energy resilience and storage.

Does TikTok need a new parent company? Senator mulls implications

The White House is pushing the Senate to pass a TikTok ban bill that swept through the House last week.

Air Force’s T-7 trainer delayed another year

The service is also halving its planned buy of the advanced trainer in its 2025 budget request.

Can IT restore Congress’ trust in the Pentagon?

The Defense Department needs a better way to share budget data, a new report urges.

Pentagon adds 'living inspection' to its cyber defenses

New assessment process adds automation, flexibility to threat detection, leaders say.

The Pentagon's connect-everything effort has a minimum viable product

An initial version of CJADC2 is “low latency and extremely reliable,” Deputy Defense Secretary Hicks said.

Biden to sign executive order boosting cybersecurity of ports, maritime vessels

The order empowers the Coast Guard to shore up cyber protections for maritime systems and harden current cyber incident reporting rules.

The Navy’s latest sea base is drone-ready

USS John L. Canley was designed to tackle a variety of missions, including special operations and counter-mine efforts.

Air Force weighs future of Osprey as months-long grounding continues

The tiltrotor’s suspension has given the Marines an “operational gap.”

Navy leaders want more code-loving sailors at sea

One wants to take ad hoc data science efforts and fold them into a formal training cycle.

No phishing: Navy uses automation, data analytics to protect seagoing networks

10th Fleet is also working to help ships’ cyber defenders reach back to experts on land.

The Navy is building dashboards for its connect-everything effort

A conversation with Rebellion Defense about its new contract for Project Overmatch.