White House’s plan to stop ransomware: block payments

The international effort involves sharing Treasury Department data with partner nations.

US Army’s Pacific corps will invite more allies to join groundbreaking comms platform

Mission partner environment, which debuted with Australia, will be extended to other exercise partners in the coming year.

Russian cruise missiles have US Air Force scouting for thousands of acres of land

Six over-the-horizon radar sites are envisioned in the United States and Canada, say officials with prospective bidder Raytheon.

Honeywell shows off augmented-reality headset for tank crews

The goggles are meant to give soldiers in specially-equipped armored vehicles a clear view of the outside.

Army’s hyperconnected visions depend on new approaches to software, networks

Empowering A-teams and Pacific allies requires overcoming barriers to secure access to data.

How the war in Ukraine is reshaping US Army modernization

The rapid evolution of electronic warfare and drone tactics have the service tweaking its acquisition plans.

The CIA’s data-challenged AI imperative

Mastering the technology is key to being able to “disrupt those entities that do not,” said an agency cyber policy official.

How the Pentagon’s big tech bets could suffer from a continuing resolution

Anything that needs new money to start or scale could see delays—including the Air Force’s quest to develop robot wingmen.

Swamped with cybersecurity data, NGA hopes ChatGPT-like tools can help

The mapping agency is trying to keep tabs on 70,000 events per second.

NSA to stand up AI security center

Securing AI means preventing it “from learning, doing, and revealing the wrong thing,” Gen. Paul Nakasone said.

US, Japan warn of China-backed hackers lurking in networking gear

The joint advisory cautioned that a China-backed threat group called BlackTech is exploiting weaknesses in routers to hack government and industrial targets.

Connect everything? Leaders need to get specific first

Hazy visions of data flowing seamlessly around the battlefield won’t get the job done, says the Air Force general for C2 systems.

One way the Air Force is filling electronic-warfare gaps: hiring interns

The 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing is working with universities to recruit young talent for now—and maybe later.

France sees smaller future in Africa, larger role in the Pacific, says country’s air force chief

French military is increasing its spend on tankers to be more places at once with a lighter permanent footprint.

Cyber on the battlefield is about more than IT

The Army successfully tested zero trust in a classified environment during a multinational military exercise.

Can you hear me now? Mesh networks could become standard at the U.S. border

Customs and Border Protection will spend $99 million on technologies to make it easier to communicate where there’s no signal.