Chinese Breakthroughs Bring Quantum Tools Closer to Practicality

Still, concerns of a Chinese “quantum supremacy” should be softened by the realities and difficulties of this new space.

US Will Use AI to Track Orbiting Objects, Space Command Says

The four-year-old command is set to reach full operating capacity this year—but will it stay in Colorado?

A Classified Cloud Is Headed to the Indo-Pacific

It’s part of DISA’s effort to bring continental-U.S.-level computing resources to U.S. military forces around the world.

Air Force Is Working on Rules for Using ChatGPT

The service's CIO also wants to encourage exploration of the "incredibly powerful capability" of generative artificial intelligence tools.

How Do You Guard AI Data? The Army Wants to Know

If an enemy can mess with a training dataset, the promise of AI tools could become a nightmare.

To Keep Hackers Out of US Weapons, the Pentagon Needs to Get In

Constant surveillance of data flows is key to spotting dangerous intrusions.

The Pentagon Wants to Peer Inside Its Cloud Providers’ Infrastructure

Recent leaks have the CIO’s office contemplating red teams and more IP scanning.

New Software Aims to Allow Fewer Troops to Manage More Drones

Anduril says its product will enable U.S. forces to employ more capable, more autonomous—and just plain more—drones.

Where’d the Money Go? Lawmakers Press Air Force on Planned Radar Plane

Congress approved $200 million last year to get the first E-7s faster. That’s not happening.

Pentagon Network Chiefs Are Putting Automation to Work

Tireless cyber tools can patrol parts of DOD’s networks, tools, and applications where hackers like to hide.

What's Holding Up the US Military's Use of AI?

Two of the obstacles are spotty networks and inadequate data, CENTCOM's CTO says.

The Spread of Repressive IT Is a 'Critical Threat,' US Intel Chief Says

Democracies must band together against Invasive surveillance, spyware, online censorship, and mis- and disinformation, Avril Haines said.

The Air Force’s Electronic-Warfare Wing Is 400 People Short

That’s okay for now, its commander says, but his service may need to change how it trains and manages EW officers.

Could ‘Zero Trust’ Prevent Intelligence Leaks?

Army tech leaders say implementing the security guidelines would help keep secrets—and keep track of who knows them.

Pentagon Lags on Software-Buying Reforms, GAO says

DOD has yet to implement any of the 2018-19 recommendations of the Defense Science Board, and more besides.

The Army Wants SBOMs—and So Should the Other Services

Software bills of materials are key to keeping track of what code is running your weapons or systems.

Lawmakers Blast TikTok CEO Over Data Privacy

At a House hearing, legislators took turns grilling Shou Chew about securing Americans’ data on the popular video-sharing app.