Security remains a challenge as Pentagon broadens 5G plans

As DoD looks to put next-gen cell service to work against China, it will lean heavily on R&D by the US telecom industry.

‘Everything you see is live’ as CENTCOM shifts to digital tools

A U.S. Central Command exercise shows that operations can—and soon must—be centered on live data feeds.

Honeywell shows off augmented-reality headset for tank crews

The goggles are meant to give soldiers in specially-equipped armored vehicles a clear view of the outside.

Army’s hyperconnected visions depend on new approaches to software, networks

Empowering A-teams and Pacific allies requires overcoming barriers to secure access to data.

Hamas attack shows space-based sensing can’t see everything

A new Pentagon constellation will close some gaps, but the need for “old-school” human intelligence will remain.

AUSA Conference Wire: 'Drones everywhere'

On Day 2, Army buyers roamed the floor looking for software to help build their tactical networks.

Can you hear me now? Mesh networks could become standard at the U.S. border

Customs and Border Protection will spend $99 million on technologies to make it easier to communicate where there’s no signal.

IARPA’s new pants will record your location

The intelligence research agency is crafting smart clothing technology equipped with audio, video and geolocation sensors.

Extend the Pentagon’s ban on China’s consumer drones

The rest of the federal government—and state and local agencies and even private-sector infrastructure companies—should quit using this Chinese technology.

What’s missing from the Quad’s ISR partnership

The year-old Indo-Pacific Partnership for Maritime Domain Awareness can’t do the job with satellites alone.

China, Russia are eroding the US electronic-warfare advantage, lawmakers say

The Pentagon needs to change its passive approach to spectrum management, EW capabilities, said bipartisan chairs of the Congressional Electromagnetic Warfare Working Group.

How many Super Hornets are ready to fly? The Navy’s tracking tools disagree

Congressional Budget Office examined two systems that use different metrics to track F/A-18 availability.

Army Follows Other Branches in Reorganizing IT Efforts

Expect a one-stop cyber shop as network-related programs move to new homes.

The Army Is Tearing Up Its Playbook for Software Upgrades

Four programs are trying out a new method based on commercial practices.

DOD Wants AI to Help Automate Records Management

A new strategy seeks "an environment where DoD records are automatically identified and captured, expertly curated, and systemically governed."

Bringing GPS to the Moon Is the Next Frontier

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is part of a government collaboration to bring precise navigation to the lunar surface.

GEOINT Symposium Conference Wire: Who's Up

What to expect at the 20th edition of the "largest gathering of geospatial intelligence professionals in the nation."