Some Federal Agencies Worry About Proposal to Welcome White-Hat Hacking

A draft CISA directive asks civilian agencies not to punish outsiders who probe their systems.

NATO Must Move Out Smartly on 5G

Beyond the security concerns, next-gen wireless technology promises a battlefield revolution.

Here’s the Theme Driving the US Army’s New Communications Tech

Pilot programs are seeking ways to keep battlefield data flowing despite the enemy’s best efforts.

The U-2's Latest Feat: Passing Data from F-35s to Army Missiles

A recent demonstration used the old spy plane as an airborne comms relay between fighters and ground-based weaponry.

The Pentagon's Platform One Offers an Ambitious Model for the Future of Software

In an interview, the Air Force’s chief software officer described the potential for a profound transformation for cybersecurity.

Inside the Volunteer Supercomputer Team That's Hunting for COVID Clues

The White House's team recently added the world's fastest computer to its informal network of more than 40.

The Pentagon Must Not Falter in Its Drive To Network Its Weapons and Sensors

American military superiority depends on a complete and successful integration of all services' forces.

NSA Has New Guidance for Teleworking Feds

Products, and the way the NSA regards them, are changing quickly

ICE Details Its Outsourced Face-Recognition Efforts

A new report details the workings, rules, and privacy implications of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's 3rd-party facial recognition system.

How COVID-19 Kicked a USAF Software Team Into High Gear

The programming group that makes tools for the Air Force's developers is now posting about 10 upgrades per day.

The GAO Is Wrong about the Air Force’s Next-Gen Battle-Management System

The ABMS needs to evolve quickly, not conform to industrial-age requirements and schedules.

The Pentagon's Spectrum Defeat May Presage a Loss of Other Key Frequencies

Rejecting appeals by Defense officials and their Congressional allies, the FCC approved a private company's use of spectrum near ones used by GPS.

Pentagon Supercomputers Puzzle Out How to Safely Airlift Coronavirus Patients

And that's just one of the various pandemic-related problems that Defense Department supercomputers are chewing on.

White House Releases National Strategy for 5G Security

The strategy focuses on four lines of effort and will guide how the government approaches 5G for the near future.

Amazon: Pentagon Is Trying to ‘Gerrymander’ Its JEDI Fix

Amazon Web Services said the Pentagon’s plan to fix the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract is not enough.