US Army Wants Face Recognition at Base Gates

It's seeking a camera that can do the job through a rainy windshield at night.

What Is DevSecOps, Anyway?

How one company used it to accelerate improvements to an Air Force cyber defense program.

A Marine Logistics Base May Be the Warehouse of the Future

Virginia Tech researchers aim to use 5G networks to track items as they come and go.

What Trump Got Wrong About Protecting GPS

The 2020 policy change largely ignores first responders; local, state, and federal agencies; the Post Office; drone operators; and medium and small businesses — and cements GPS as a prime target for our enemies.

DARPA Aims to Boost US Manufacturing of Certain Chips

Better processes for converting general-purpose chips to specialized ones would pay big dividends, agency says.

DARPA Seeks Chips that Can Crunch Data Without Decrypting It

Current methods of doing "fully homomorphic encryption" require too much computing power to be used widely.

Pentagon Looks to Tap 5G in Space

“Any aspect of 5G applied to any aspect of space systems is of potential interest,” says a new request for information.

New Supercomputers Turbocharge Military Weather Forecasting

Housed at Oak Ridge National Lab, the new forecasting tool is more than six times faster than its predecessor.

Riot Exposed Capitol's IT Vulnerabilities

Devices were stolen from members' offices. Were networks penetrated as well?

Two-Thirds of DOD’s Major IT Projects Are Behind Schedule, GAO Found

Defense officials say lack of talent is slowing the adoption of cybersecurity best practices.

If You Don’t Hire Robots to Attack Your Networks, You’re Not Doing Security Right

Complying with DoD’s new cybersecurity regulations requires hard data, the kind that pretty much requires automation to compile.

The Pentagon Is Ill-Organized to Improve Its Use of Electromagnetic Spectrum, GAO Says

Old ways and means are quickly becoming obsolete — but spectrum issues remain everyone’s second job.

We Need a Backup for GPS. Actually, We Need Several of Them

The key is incentivizing adoption of position-navigation-timing alternatives.

How Two US Military Bases Are Exploring 5G’s Potential

Defense Department-led pursuits of next-generation connectivity will hone in on survivability, security, and innovation.

More Computers Would Bring Military AI Along Faster, New JAIC Chief Says

Groundbreaking tools are around the corner, 3-star general says. The limiting factor is lack of computing power to grind through giant Pentagon datasets.