REBROADCAST: The State of Defense Acquisition

REBROADCAST: The State of Defense Acquisition

DOD acquisition head Frank Kendall launched numerous reforms in an effort to simplify and improve its acquisition of products and services.

On October 6, Kendall unveiled the third annual performance report that charts the progress of these efforts. The report guides the course of future acquisition reforms long-term investments in areas including cybersecurity, big data, advanced computing, robotics, and other areas defense leaders believe will give the U.S. technological superiority for decades to come.

The event also convened a panel of acquisition heads from the service branch to discuss the current State of Defense Acquisition by branch, and what they see for DOD procurement in the future.

Watch the rebroadcast of as we explore “The State of Defense Acquisition.”

  • What has worked? What has changed?
  • Is Better Buying Power working?
  • How will DOD encourage private sector innovation?
  • What are the opportunities for private-public collaboration in R&D?
  • What is the next move in the outreach to Sillicon Valley?

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