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Defense One Radio, Ep. 109: The short- and mid-term outlook for the U.S. Navy

The chief of naval operations and a key lawmaker talk shipbuilding plans, drones, Iran, and more.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 108: What lies ahead for the U.S. Army

The Army's top officer discusses the future of the force and how the six-month-old Ukraine invasion is evolving.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 104: What we learned at the Tech Summit

Sixteen guests join us to discuss the war in Ukraine, cyber warfare, the challenges posed by China, and much more from this year's Defense One Technology Summit.


Report: 'Seize the Initiative'

An executive summary of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command's report on what it needs next year, and five years into the future.


State of Defense 2022

Our annual service-by-service look at where the U.S. military is, and where it's going.


Russia's War in Ukraine Draws Protests Around the Globe

Putin's fulminations and false flags couldn't stop masses of people from urging their governments to take a tough stance.


Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, in Pictures

Photojournalists captured these images from the first day of Russia’s full-scale assault on its southwestern neighbor.


WEST 2022 Conference Wire: Comms Challenges

PacFleet commander wants better information-sharing with allies, while a lawmaker wants more clarity in Navy messaging,


WEST 2022 Conference Wire: What Navy Leaders Want

New capabilities are great, they say. But don't forget maintainability, training, and user interfaces.


WEST 2022 Conference Wire: In-Person & Uncertain

The naval-themed conference is back in San Diego after a pandemic gap year.


2021 Top Ten: COVID

Vaccines arrived, but so did vaccine refusal and new variants. And a two-year Army effort may produce the best vaccine yet.


2021 Top Ten: Army

The Army took strides in its version of the Pentagon's connect-everything plan. But leaders said more changes are ahead.


2021 Top Ten: Ideas

The intertwined need to confront China and climate change, turning the tables on Russian psyops, and more.


2021 Top Ten: Navy

The sea service moved ahead with new warship ideas and tested new warfighting concepts. But will they win over Congress?


2021 Top Ten: Policy

From domestic extremism to China's challenges to lingering Mideast operations, defense leaders had their hands full.


2021 Top Ten: Space Force

In a year when the military's newest service turned two, there remain plenty of unsettled policy areas.

Science & Tech

2021 Top Ten: Tech

Along with AI and JADC2, the year's top tech stories include the Army's December announcement of a vaccine that covers all possible COVID variants.


2021 Top Ten: Air Force

The emergency evacuation from Kabul, unprecedented in scope and speed, was the operational highlight of the year.


2021 Top Ten: Business

Industry hailed the Pentagon's cashflow assistance as personnel and supply-chain woes mounted. Now inflation might be the biggest concern.