Special Report: The State of Defense 2017

Here is Defense One's annual report on what's to come.

The Commander in Chief Donald Trump era is about to begin. It’s hard to find anyone in Washington who can remember an incoming president with so few foreign policy positions clearly articulated. Or, in Trump’s case, so many possibilities based on the presidential candidate’s often contradictory policy statements.

Much of what happens will depend on him. But there’s a good chance, knowing how hard it is to change anything in the Defense Department, that 2017 will be year of big changes or more of the same — which, with this much uncertainty in the air, might not be such a bad thing.

Here is Defense One’s annual report on what’s to come. This is the State of Defense.

Introduction by Kevin Baron » 

State of the Army by Ben Watson » 

State of the Navy by Bradley Peniston » 

State of the Air Force by Marcus Weisgerber » 

State of the Marines by Kevin Baron » 

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