Congress Wants Pentagon to Upgrade Nuclear Command and Control

A provision in the NDAA requires the Defense Department to create a special council overseeing nuclear communications technology. By Rachel Oswald


U.S. Official: 'Not Making Much Progress' with Russia on Missiles, Arms

Madelyn Creedon, assistant secretary of defense for global strategic affairs, says negotiations are stalled on missile defense. By Rachel Oswald


North Korea Is Making Progress on an ICBM

Some experts believe that Pyongyang may be edging towards 'limited intercontinental capability' using domestically produced missile technology. By Rachel Oswald


Congress Urges Hagel, U.S. to Block Turkey-China Anti-Missile Deal

Republicans in Congress are raising red flags over a possible deal to place Chinese anti-missile technology in Turkey, a NATO ally. By Rachel Oswald


New Report Says Russia, U.S. Must Do More to Prevent Nuclear Terrorism

A new report says Russia and the United States should work together to prevent terrorists from getting access to nuclear weapons. By Rachel Oswald


Lawmakers Urge the U.N. to Punish Cuba For North Korea Arms Deal

Members of Congress want to the United Nations to send a strong message to Cuba for a secret arms deal with North Korea. By Rachel Oswald


The U.S. Should Cut Its Nuclear Arsenal Before Sequester Does

The Pentagon needs to 'operate realistically' at the spending levels mandated by law and begin cutting back on its nuclear arsenal, a new report says. By Rachel Oswald

Science & Tech

Pentagon Says Asian Spies Are Targeting Radiation-Hardened Electronics

Official review finds increased espionage in electronics that can withstand radiation events. By Rachel Oswald