China Fired a New Missile After Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit, PacFleet Says

The weapon was part of a barrage of missiles and live-fire exercises meant to signal disapproval of the U.S. visit to the self-governing island.

Army Preps for ‘Contested Logistics,’ Works to Boost Arms Production

Logistics win wars—but not if new enemy capabilities can disrupt supply lines.

The Army’s Distributed Command Posts of the Future Will Need More than Videochats

Structuring data is key to the service’s visions of Pacific-spanning operations and AI-enabled decision tools.

How the Air Force Is Preparing for Good and Bad Comms in the Pacific

The service’s top lab is also working on commercial cloud offerings and facilitating classified software development.

How to Keep War With China From Being a Pick-Up Game

INDOPACOM needs a joint force headquarters now, not when crisis arrives.

Army’s New Training Center Keeps Forces Available in Indo-Pacific

Service leaders say the first regional center in 50 years will improve training and save time and effort.

When China Pushes, Push Back, Admiral Says

Seventh Fleet commander says the U.S. needs to continue freedom of navigation patrols in the Pacific.

Commercial Planes, Ships Would Play Large Role in Pacific War, TRANSCOM Head Says

Last year’s massive Afghanistan evacuation could be a trial for how the military moves troops and equipment around the future battlefield.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 110: Rethinking logistics, air bases, space debris, and more.

The chiefs of the Marines and Air Force join a half-dozen experts to share lessons from Ukraine, the future of Pacific basing, and more.

US Scrambles Warships in Response to North Korean Missiles

North Korea fired two more ballistic missiles Thursday as U.S. ships from USS Reagan carrier strike group conduct exercise with South Korea and Japan.