The Navy Should Assemble a Fleet for Littoral Campaigns

Don't build a fleet to fight off a Chinese invasion force; build one that gives the U.S. and allies more options.


CNO Seeks Not Just Interoperability But Interchangeability With Foreign Militaries

And that starts with “ships being honest with themselves,” Adm. Gilday told Defense One.


National Guard Considering Major Expansion in Indo-Pacific

In an interview, Gen. Dan Hokanson says Guard seeks to amplify its training presence because of China’s increased aggressiveness.

At Reborn RIMPAC, A Clear Mission: Deter China, Defend Taiwan

The enormous Pacific multinational exercise and show of force has reemerged from the pandemic to face a larger PLA and more threatening Beijing.

Abe’s Unfinished Legacy: Leading Japan and its Military to Confront Modern Threats

The assassinated former prime minister was still working to guide Japan out of post-war pacifism and into a more global stance with counter-strike capabilities to deter China.

It’s Time to Base Fifth-Gen Fighter Jets in the Western Pacific, INDOPACOM Chief Says

China’s buildup means F-35s or F-22s should do more than exercise from Guam, Aquilino said.

In Asia, Defense Ministers Issue New Warnings to China

“Ukraine today may be East Asia tomorrow,” Japan’s prime minister said at this year’s feistier-than-usual Shangri-La Dialogue.

NATO’s Next Strategic Concept Will Add China’s Threats, US Ambassador Says

The document is to be unveiled at next month’s summit, where Russia and potential members will also be on the agenda.

Missile Defense Agency Eyes Command Center for Guam

Integrating current and future sensor data is key to protecting Guam from future missile threats.

Guam Needs Better Missile Defenses—Urgently

Here's a two-stage plan to harden this crucial island base against China's burgeoning missile arsenal.

Four Ways China Is Growing Its Media Influence in Southeast Asia

Beijing is trying to burnish its image in the region. What if it took aim at America’s instead?


Lawmakers Worry Pentagon Will ‘Shortchange’ INDOPACOM’s Budget Request

More than a dozen members of the House Armed Services Committee asked appropriators to bring the Pentagon’s 2023 spending proposal up to INDOPACOM’s request.

Navy: Just One Shipbuilding Option Gets Closer To Desired Fleet

A 3-star clarifies the three paths described in the Navy's recent longterm fleet plan.

Plan Now for a 'No-Fly Zone' Over Taiwan

Thwarting a Chinese invasion depends on air defense, and that starts with these four steps.

China Should Heed Lessons from Russia’s Ukraine Invasion, US Official Says

“Your adversary’s probably stronger than you think it is,” warned the assistant defense secretary for Indo-Pacific security affairs.