Plan Now for a 'No-Fly Zone' Over Taiwan

Thwarting a Chinese invasion depends on air defense, and that starts with these four steps.

Space Force Trying to Prep Old Satellites for New Threats by 2026

Russia and China are developing new space weapons faster than the U.S. can field new constellations. That’s forcing a big rethink on how to keep the lights on in space.

China May Have Just Taken the Lead in the Quantum Computing Race

China’s record-shattering processor is 1 million times faster than what Google achieved three years ago–but we are years from the finish line.

DIA Warns China’s Space Tech Seeks to Block U.S. Radars, Jam Munitions

Beijing’s rapid acquisition of counter-space capabilities is most worrisome, says a new 80-page Defense Intelligence Agency report.

The Pentagon Must ‘Campaign’ Against China, Not Hope for a Goal-Line Stand

To dissuade aggression, the U.S. military must continuously persuade its adversaries to doubt their chances of success.

Hicks: Today’s Russia Problem Mustn’t Distract from Tomorrow’s China Problem

An increasingly complex security environment is complicating the Pentagon’s efforts to ease tech firms’ frustrations.

Marines Push Light Amphib Warship While Navy Secretary Awaits Study

“I'm deeply committed to the LAW. I just want to make sure that it has the right balance,” Del Toro said.

China Should Heed Lessons from Russia’s Ukraine Invasion, US Official Says

“Your adversary’s probably stronger than you think it is,” warned the assistant defense secretary for Indo-Pacific security affairs.

What Is China Learning from the Ukraine War?

From battlefield concepts to geopolitics, Beijing is sure to be watching with avid interest—and some chagrin.

China Tops Threats in New Defense Strategy

An unclassified fact sheet outlines the Pentagon’s long-awaited capstone strategic guidance.

New Tech Budget Request is the Defense Department’s Largest Ever

Pursuing China, the Pentagon aims to bump spending for artificial intelligence and 5G.

More Nuclear, Less Ground Attack in Biden’s Air Force Budget Request

The 2023 spending proposal calls for retiring 150 planes, shifting funds, and reconfiguring for possible war with China or Russia.

Don’t Expect China to Save Ukraine

“At this point in time, I think it’s very difficult for anybody to change Putin’s mind,” one expert said.

How Russia's War in Ukraine will Accelerate U.S.-China Competition

Moscow’s disastrous adventurism will leave it a junior player in a conflict between authoritarianism and democracy.

Sullivan Vows ‘Consequences’ If China Helps Russia in Ukraine

The national security advisor expressed “deep concerns” about China’s alignment with Russia, during a seven-hour meeting Monday.