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The Pentagon is already testing tomorrow’s AI-powered swarm drones, ships

DOD pulled off unmanned amphibious landings, self-coding drones, and more just in the last year. What's next?


How China is winning the Middle East

China is working to present itself as a responsible alternative to the U.S. in the Middle East, just as many are questioning Washington’s long-term commitment to the region.


Expect a Chinese show of force against Taiwan soon, says INDOPACOM head

“When something occurs that they don’t like, they tend to take actions,” said Adm. John Aquilino.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 141: Year in review

We take stock of our last 12 months of interviews, featuring conversations with generals, White House officials, researchers, authors, our own reporters, and many more.


Northrop gears up to triple production of E-7 radar

Air Force officials want the radar plane as soon as possible—particularly in the Indo-Pacific.

Science & Tech

New report urges US to look beyond cheap low-earth satellites for missile warning

Tracking hypersonic missiles across oceans is like trying to “find a cup of tea that you’ve dropped into a swimming pool.”