Navy Leaders Defend Plan To Cut the Fleet Amid GOP Criticism

“We think at this point we’re throwing good money after bad,” Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday told the House Armed Services Committee.

Army Suicide Numbers for 2022 ‘Significantly Lower,’ Army Secretary Says

A proposed $99 million gym in Alaska is at the top of the service chief's unfunded priorities list.

Congress’ Plan For Ukraine Aid Surpasses White House Request by $7B

Lawmakers boosted funds for replenishing American weapons’ stocks and supporting European Command operations.

We Need More Amphibs, and We Need to Buy Them Smarter

Buying amphibious warships one at a time has left us with too few, and little prospect of closing the gap.

Biden Already Willing to Increase Recent Defense Spending Request

Just six weeks after requesting $773 billion for 2023, the Pentagon’s No. 2 acknowledges the military may need more money, due to inflation.

Don’t Overinflate the Pentagon Budget

There are plenty of perennial problems draining the military’s coffers that need attention.

Reversing Roe Would Harm Military Readiness, Abortion-Rights Advocates Warn

“If a woman is considering enlisting, I would highly encourage her to rethink that choice,” said one veteran.


Lawmakers Worry Pentagon Will ‘Shortchange’ INDOPACOM’s Budget Request

More than a dozen members of the House Armed Services Committee asked appropriators to bring the Pentagon’s 2023 spending proposal up to INDOPACOM’s request.

What Have US Special Operators Learned from the Ukraine War?

The Army, for one, is considering creating a special-operations drone specialty.

Navy: Just One Shipbuilding Option Gets Closer To Desired Fleet

A 3-star clarifies the three paths described in the Navy's recent longterm fleet plan.

Biden Announces Third $800M Weapons Package To Ukraine To Help Donbas Fight

The White House will ask Congress for more money next week to keep weapons flowing.

The Navy’s New Long-Range Shipbuilding Plan Is More Like a Menu

With uncertainty rising at home and abroad, service leaders decided to offer Congress a trio of scenarios.

Aviator Cancer Bill Would Push VA to Study Toxins Air Crews Faced, Assess Links to Cancers

Ground crew and flight crew cancers would be reviewed. So would the fuels, chemicals, and emissions they were exposed to.

What Would Ukrainian ‘Victory’ Look Like? GOP Lawmaker Asks

Defense Secretary Austin was just the latest government official to be accused of swerving questions about how the war in Ukraine will end.

Are US Troops Still Training Ukrainians?

The military’s top officials did not clear things up on Tuesday.