Four Lessons that Should Upend the Pentagon’s Five-Year Strategy

From the quick consumption of weapons in Ukraine to rising inflation, the current resourcing plan is untenable.

Pentagon Seeks to Update U.S. Weapons Stocks Depleted by Ukraine Donations

Defense Department's top acquisitions exec says Ukraine war is changing the way the U.S. thinks about stockpiles.

Biden Already Willing to Increase Recent Defense Spending Request

Just six weeks after requesting $773 billion for 2023, the Pentagon’s No. 2 acknowledges the military may need more money, due to inflation.

For Russia and the West, Ukraine War Is a Study in Supply

“I fully believe that logistics has been an Achilles heel for the Russians,” Army Secretary Wormuth said.

Don’t Overinflate the Pentagon Budget

There are plenty of perennial problems draining the military’s coffers that need attention.


Pentagon Reorganizes Industrial Policy Office to Shore Up Defense Firms, Supply Chain

The restructure gives two new deputies to the assistant secretary for industrial policy—and "dissolves" another.

AI Is Already Learning from Russia’s War in Ukraine, DOD Says

Today’s battlefield data is helping smart machines model the wars of the future.

The Navy’s New Long-Range Shipbuilding Plan Is More Like a Menu

With uncertainty rising at home and abroad, service leaders decided to offer Congress a trio of scenarios.


Biden’s No. 2 Defense Industry Policy Official Leaves Post

It’s unclear why Jesse Salazar has left, the latest in a string of recent Pentagon departures.

Inflation, Supply Problems Could Push F-35 Cost Higher Than Expected, Lockheed Says

Negotiations continue on three batches of jets—Lots 15 to 17—that were expected to be finalized last year.

Pentagon, Industry Leaders Meet to Talk Replenishing Military Weapons Stockpiles

Top-level Pentagon meeting comes as the U.S. prepares to send more sophisticated and lethal weapons to Ukraine.

US Rushes $800M In Weapons, Helicopters to Ukraine as Russia Coils for New Offensive Into the Donbas

“We cannot rest now,” says Biden, as Pentagon officials describe “a sense of urgency” to field the most advanced arms it’s offered Ukraine yet, as quickly as possible.

The Pentagon Must ‘Campaign’ Against China, Not Hope for a Goal-Line Stand

To dissuade aggression, the U.S. military must continuously persuade its adversaries to doubt their chances of success.

For a Lasting Peace, Europe Must Embrace Russia

The U.S. and the West should follow six principles to bring Russia into a “Europe whole and free,” as G.H.W. Bush envisioned in 1989.

Hicks: Today’s Russia Problem Mustn’t Distract from Tomorrow’s China Problem

An increasingly complex security environment is complicating the Pentagon’s efforts to ease tech firms’ frustrations.

Are US Troops Still Training Ukrainians?

The military’s top officials did not clear things up on Tuesday.