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GovExec TV: Five Questions with Elaine Bitonti

Sit down with Collins Aerospace RTX Head of Connected Battlespace and Emerging Capabilities, Elaine Bitonti, to discuss the company’s future large force exercises and their new technologies.

Collins Aerospace
Defense Systems

The Pentagon's connect-everything effort has a minimum viable product

An initial version of CJADC2 is “low latency and extremely reliable,” Deputy Defense Secretary Hicks said.

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How SaaS Democratizes Innovation and Accelerates Accreditation for Mission Success

This ebook will explore the various benefits and best practices for SaaS for defense organizations.


The West is underestimating Ukraine’s artillery needs

Russia is producing far more 155mm shells than Ukrainian forces can obtain, researchers say.


Army's scout-helicopter cancellation upends rotorcraft plans

The death of FARA is reshaping the Army’s rotorcraft force structure and realign the retrofit, modernization, and sustainment outlook.



How Poland's new blimp may boost the Pentagon's connect-everything effort

The planned sale of a reconnaissance aerostat could help allies link up to JADC2.


US lacks long-term sustainment plan for key Ukraine weapons, Pentagon watchdog says

Getting new Patriot anti-air systems would be “painful,” a Defense Department official said.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 145: The USAF's big reorganization

Audrey Decker unpacks the top news from this year's Air & Space Forces Association Warfare Symposium.


Meet the German company developing sub drones that pass data with sound

Divers’ search-and-rescue missions could soon get assists from drone swarms.


Trump's vision for the military: hunting cartels, patrolling US cities, quelling dissent

Here's what the former president and his loyalists have said about how they might use U.S. troops in a second term.

Defense Systems

Biden to sign executive order boosting cybersecurity of ports, maritime vessels

The order empowers the Coast Guard to shore up cyber protections for maritime systems and harden current cyber incident reporting rules.


Russian hybrid operations on the rise in Estonia, Moldova

Similar Russian attempts to exploit ethnic divisions in democratic nations have preceded more aggressive action.

Defense Systems

The Navy’s latest sea base is drone-ready

USS John L. Canley was designed to tackle a variety of missions, including special operations and counter-mine efforts.


Space Force: We need a hotline to China

Direct communications could ward off miscalculation as space militarizes faster than norms develop, officials say.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 144: How Russia cements control

How does the Kremlin force an entirely new reality on an occupied city? And how do Europeans feel about the invasion and U.S. hesitation to rearm Ukraine?