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Harnessing the Power of Integration: Microsoft and SAP at the Core of Defense Modernization

In an era where technological advancement underpins every facet of national security, the integration of Microsoft and SAP stands as a cornerstone in the modernization efforts of the DOD.

Science & Tech

How AI is turning satellite imagery into a window on the future

What can a picture from space tell you? “You're likely to have a drought here that might lead to civil unrest.”


NATO's Article 5 isn't as ironclad as many think

Alliance commitments are not quite as binding, either legally or politically, as the conventional wisdom suggests.


Nine takeaways from ProPublica's investigation into Microsoft’s cybersecurity failures

A whistleblower repeatedly tried to get the tech giant to fix a security flaw that left millions of users exposed—including contractors, the State Department, and the National Nuclear Security Administration.

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Deploying Modern Identity for National Security

From the globally rotating employee base to beneficiaries and contractors, secure access to mission-relevant resources enables faster decision making.

Defense Systems

Ultrasecure comms could give special operators a leg up

U.S., Norwegian commands team up to test a quantum-communications prototype.


The Day Private Willie Mays Threw Out My Dad

Two lives intersect in a story of baseball, military service, and American society in the Korean War era.



What will happen to the Air Force’s next-gen fighter jet?

The service may be waffling on NGAD because it’s dealing with a “truly miserable choice,” one analyst said.


Little fanfare as US upgrades Cuba to 'fully cooperating' with anti-terror efforts

But the mid-May move may presage wider rapprochement – if politics allows.


Ukraine’s robot boats are rewriting the rules of naval warfare

Strategists around the world have taken note of the changing dynamics at play in the Black Sea and the implications for flashpoints elsewhere.


Army names air-defense vehicle for Medal of Honor recipient

“Sgt. Stout” will refer to a missile-and-gun variant of the service’s M-SHORAD effort.


What can this weekend’s Ukraine peace summit achieve?

Russia won't attend the Swiss-hosted event where Ukraine's Zelensky will pitch his proposal.


It’s not too late to cancel the Pentagon’s next ICBM

Axing Sentinel would save hundreds of billions of dollars—and make America safer.


Blue Origin cleared to bid on national-security launches

But Bezos-owned rocket firm is the only newcomer in a $5.6B contract pool that had been intended to foster competition.