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eBook: The Cybersecurity Challenge

The Defense Department operates in a world in which cybersecurity threats are ever-present and evolving rapidly. This eBook takes a look at how the military is meeting the challenge.

Science & Tech

New ICBM Costs Can, Must Come Down, Hyten Says

The Joint Chiefs vice chairman says he’s been meeting with Northrop Grumman and believes he’s found a way.

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API-Led Hybrid Integration is Key to Successful Implementation of DoD Data Strategy

This paper explores four technical challenges facing the DoD data strategy: Accessibility, discoverability, security, and scalability.



What America’s Vaccination Campaign Proves to the World

The U.S. stumbled early in the pandemic, but the vaccine rollout could reboot the country’s image.


What a Real People-First Pentagon Budget Would Include

Family-support and mental-health services need a long-overdue plus-up.


Pentagon Launches Post-Insurrection Extremism Review

Secretary Austin directs new steps, studies to keep extremists out of the ranks and better protect outgoing troops from being recruited into extremist groups.


Biden’s $715B Defense Ask: Higher Than Expected, Lower than Trump’s Plan

“Skinny budget” announcement hints at cuts to troop levels and existing weapons.


The Intelligence Community’s Deadly Bias Toward Classified Sources

Its willful blindness to publicly available information is hurting national security.


Fewer Troops Are Declining the COVID Vaccine. We May Never Know Why

Defense leaders say education efforts and seeing peers get vaccinated are reducing the reluctance.


White House Wants Industry Input on New Software Security Rules

The administration wants to make sure the private sector has the ability to weigh in on procurement standards in an impending executive order.


Beware ‘Just Say China’ Politics

Republicans screamed for more spending to counter China. Democrats are claiming their infrastructure bill does just that. It’s a dangerous game.


American Support is Needed to Resolve a POW Crisis in the Caucasus

Azerbaijan is illegally holding some 200 Armenian troops and civilian captives.


Experts Torn on Proper Role of National Cyber Director

Former officials say someone needs to coordinate government entities but weighed pros and cons to the position being located within the National Security Council.