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Increasing National Resilience with Cutting-Edge Weather Satellite Technology

In the quest for precision and timeliness in weather forecasting, NASA, NOAA and Lockheed Martin have embarked on a groundbreaking journey.


The Pentagon is paying a consultant up to $2.4B to boost submarine production

Deloitte Consulting is to provide the labor, equipment, and materials to push annual U.S. production to three subs.

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4 Talent challenges facing U.S. government agencies and how to solve them

The US government and public sector faces unique challenges in managing and growing its workforce.


NATO summit a mixed success, even with decidedly less drama

After dissension in the 2023 edition, last week’s meeting offered “no big surprises,” one diplomat said.


The Pentagon's generative-AI task force is trying to answer a lot of questions

How should new tools be used? Where should the actual computing take place? How much will this all cost? And that's just the start.



In picking Vance, Trump takes another step away from Ukraine

Donald Trump’s first running mate tried to steer him toward defending European democracy. His new one won’t.


New ICBM effort won’t slow down despite pledges to ‘restructure’ as costs balloon

Air Force says problems lie less with the Sentinel missile and more with its supporting infrastructure.

Updated Threats

How federal agencies are responding to the Trump assassination attempt

FBI, Secret Service, and others are deploying personnel in response to Saturday's shooting.


Several Pentagon IT programs still lack a cyber strategy, watchdog finds

The programs, used daily by DOD employees, do not even comply with decade-old cybersecurity requirements, GAO concludes.

Defense Systems

Info warriors coming to Navy subs in the Pacific

The move follows two other pilot efforts with Naval Submarine Forces, said Vice Adm. Kelly Aeschbach, the service’s outgoing “I-boss.”


US ‘winding down’ Gaza pier operations

Now, the issue is “getting aid around Gaza effectively,” national security advisor says.


US agrees to build icebreakers with Canada, Finland

White House hopes Ice Pact will boost shipbuilding in democratic countries while it addresses Arctic challenges.


Pentagon expects F-35 deliveries to restart this month

The head of Air Combat Command is “hopeful” the fighter jets will be ready for deliveries to resume in July.