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Raytheon Technologies Speeds Hypersonic Testing

As the global race for hypersonics gains speed, complementary novel laboratory test methods can help.

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DODIIS Conference Wire: AI's Promise and Peril

As DODIIS opened, several leaders said machine learning would help keep tabs on Russian and Chinese advances—eventually.

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‘Slow-Boil Crisis’: DIA Needs More Capability to Track Russian, Chinese Tech Work

It takes years to train intelligence analysts, but the Pentagon doesn’t have “that kind of time.”

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The Changing Face of Law Enforcement Investigations

Agencies must rethink their approach to storing, automating, and delivering secure platforms at scale for rapid analysis and field forward identification.



Biden to Phone Putin, Lay Out the Economic Consequences of Invading Ukraine

The president has been talking with European allies to craft a united sanctions plan to deliver “significant, severe harm,” a senior administration official said.


Amazon Offers 2nd Air-Gapped Cloud For Top-Secret Data

The new cloud's data centers are "more than 1,000 miles" away from the northern-Virginia complex that serves U.S. intelligence and defense agencies.


Diplomacy Is the Key to Reducing US Forces in the Mideast

The Pacific pivot need not reduce Middle East security—if the U.S. can get its partners on board.


DODIIS Conference Wire: What to Look For

Some 3,000 people are expected to attend this year's edition of the DIA's IT-and-intelligence conference.


Austin Warns Against Over-Hyping Recent Chinese Weapons Tests

The defense secretary also pushed for deeper ties between the Pentagon and technology firms.


Biden Says a Plan is ‘In Play’ To Deter Russian Aggression in Ukraine

The U.S. president will reportedly speak with Putin by phone in the coming days.


Should Military Police Wear Body Cams? Congress is Asking

After BLM and Jan. 6, some say the tech is "long overdue," but others scoff that it’s "a solution in search of a problem."

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China Wants to Write the Tech Rules for 5G. Experts Say That’s a Big Problem

Beijing is stacking international standards bodies with factions that care more about national loyalty than sound practice, experts say.


Merchant Marine Academy Woes Imperil National Security, Report Finds

The Academy didn’t seem to “really be aware of the changes that were going on in the shipping industry,” one investigator said.