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Harnessing the Power of Integration: Microsoft and SAP at the Core of Defense Modernization

In an era where technological advancement underpins every facet of national security, the integration of Microsoft and SAP stands as a cornerstone in the modernization efforts of the DOD.

Exclusive Science & Tech

Can AI speed up the discovery of new materials? Army aims to find out

Two contracts to a Google spinoff seek innovations in vehicles, electrical systems.

Science & Tech

Pentagon’s new Arctic strategy focuses on adversaries, new tech

China and Russia and working more closely in the Arctic, DOD says. That’s forcing more research into unmanned systems.

Defense Systems

New design for next-gen UK-Italy-Japan fighter unveiled

But it’s no longer clear that Britain wants to prioritize a sixth-generation jet, much like the U.S. Air Force.

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Disrupting the Traditional Defense Paradigm

New capabilities brought forth by artificial intelligence (AI) will change the nature of conflict, and at Defense One’s Tech Summit, leaders from across the public and private sectors convened to discuss the future of warfare.


US shouldn't learn the wrong lessons about Ukraine’s drones, expert says

Unmanned strikes get the attention in reports and social media, but Ukrainian forces are increasingly using drones to sow mines and haul supplies.



More bad news for Boeing defense on the horizon

The company is still “fighting through challenges” building new Air Force One planes, defense chief says.


Lockheed won’t get paid in full yet for upgraded F-35s, even as deliveries resume

The jets are being shipped with incomplete software, so the Pentagon is withholding part of its payment.

Defense Systems

Lockheed resumes F-35 deliveries after year-long pause

But the tech-development problems that halted deliveries of the TR-3 version of the jet persist.


How the navy-less Ukrainians defeated Russia’s Black Sea Fleet

Their revolution in weapons and tactics offer lessons and warnings for the world’s navies.


Should NATO help the NGOs that train Ukrainian soldiers?

The leader of one such organization says he’s getting good results at less cost, time, and political risk.


War and uncertainty shape Farnborough expectations

Under the buzz of big contracts, expect quiet conversations about allied production, industrial supply chains, and the future of NATO.


A long-sought European defense ‘awakening’ has arrived, EUCOM commander says

“This is a different Europe from what we complained about for years,” Gen. Cavoli says.


Pentagon’s new cyber rules are ‘stifling’ foreign suppliers, advisors say

The soon-to-be-mandatory cybersecurity certification—and a 2018 OSD reorganization—are slowing vital work, the Defense Innovation Board says.


US taps IBM to help boost cyber defenses in Europe and beyond

The company's staff will fan out to help various nations build security centers, train cybersecurity practitioners, and harden infrastructure against network attacks.