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Accelerating the digital supply chain with innovative procurement models

Vulnerabilities to data risks have led bad actors to pounce on weak links along the complicated supply chain.

Science & Tech

Learn from Ukraine, DIA Chief Tells New China Mission Group

Defense Intelligence Agency unit takes aim at “warning problem of our lifetime.”


Microsoft, Other Defense Firms Team Up for Modeling & Simulation Work

Lockheed, BAE Systems, and other firms are using the Seattle giant's Azure cloud platform to develop training and what-if tools.

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Forcepoint - a Proven Leader in Defense Grade Security

Is it time to modernize your cyber security? Look no further than Forcepoint’s cutting edge approach.

Defense Systems

The Pentagon’s Lead Intelligence Agency Has an HR Problem

Too few human-resources staffers means a constant struggle to keep up with basic personnel record-keeping and more.


Turkish Airstrikes Have Slowed the Fight Against ISIS, Officials Say

SDF commander, Pentagon spokesman call on Ankara to cease “escalatory” actions.



Revealed: The Public Finally Gets to See the B-21 Stealth Bomber this Week

Some of the Northrop Grumman employees building the secret plane also worked on the B-2 bomber.


I’m Thankful for American Troops – All of Them

The right-wing war on American LGBTQ+ troops and diversity in the military is getting worse. Maybe it’s time Pentagon leaders defend their own.


After Army Vet's Heroic Actions in a Gay Bar, GOP Lawmakers Release Anti-Woke Manifesto

As violence and threats rise against LGBTQ+ people, 10 senators join bill to roll back a Pentagon diversity-and-inclusion effort.


US Sending Ukraine 200 Generators, Anti-Drone Machine Guns

After Russian attacks cause rolling blackouts, the West rushes backup energy, ammunition, and counter-drone tech.


Why Defense Budgets Will Stay High After the Ukraine War

The war is exposing how European nations were underinvesting in defense, and the critical role that renewable energy will play in transatlantic security.


Space Force Is Setting Up Inside Combatant Commands

INDOPACOM is the first warfighting command to stand up a USSF component, but it won’t be the last.