How the Energy Department Can Improve Industry Cybersecurity

Practical steps include educating direct actors like electricians or IT professionals on basic cybersecurity priorities, concerns, and best practices.


Sea Air Space Conference Wire: Acting SecNav Speaks

The final day of the trade show was highlighted by Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Harker.

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How the DoD is Tapping Hardware Security Keys to Protect Against Threats

Now, the DOD is investing in modern authentication tools and technologies, such as hardware security keys, to secure its environment. Here’s how.


Science & Tech

Can We Spot Illegal Fishing Fleets from Space?

The Defense Innovation Unit is offering prizes for using satellite-mounted radar to fight a growing national-security problem.


Sea-Air-Space Conference Wire: Emerging Tech

Tuesday at the Navy League trade show brought a focus on JADC2, drones, and more.


Pentagon Police Officer Dead, Several Other People Injured, After Attack at Metro Entrance

Shooting raises new questions about whether the public transit point just outside the military’s headquarters can ever be fully secured.


A New Bill Seeks to Patch the Flaws in the Arms Export Control Act

The proposed legislation would help Congress regain a measure of sway over weapons sales.


What I Heard in the White House Basement

I knew the president had clear and straightforward talking points—I’d written them.


In the Newly Noisy Arctic, Underwater Operations Are Getting Harder

Less ice means more ships, which means more problems for sonar operators and their skippers.

Science & Tech

Data Friendliness Will Make Some Weapons More Valuable, Says Northrop CTO

Future weapons will have more value if they connect more easily to the network right out of the box, but that’s not the way military weapons or networks are made today.


Sea-Air-Space Conference Wire: CNO Slams Defense Manufacturers

The Chief of Naval Operations doesn't hold back on Day 2 of the Navy's League's biggest annual event.


The US Needs a Department of Cybersecurity

As the saying goes, when everyone is in charge, no one is in charge.


Conference Wire: Sea-Air-Space Opens, No Masks Required

The Navy League's sprawling event was the first big trade show canceled by COVID. Now it returns amid a new coronavirus spike.