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Accelerating the digital supply chain with innovative procurement models

Vulnerabilities to data risks have led bad actors to pounce on weak links along the complicated supply chain.


Austin Urges Congress to Pass a Budget, Citing China Threat

But the secretary left inflation, supply chain, and worker woes out of his speech to the Reagan National Defense Forum.

Science & Tech

Air Force Unveils New B-21 Stealth Bomber After Seven Years in the Making

Hundreds of VIPs and thousands of Northrop employees applauded as tail number 0001 was shown off with help from lasers and fog machines.

Science & Tech

Ukraine Pushes Government Digitization As War Rages

New services help citizens access services, ID Russian war criminals, and reassure foreign supporters.

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Forcepoint - a Proven Leader in Defense Grade Security

Is it time to modernize your cyber security? Look no further than Forcepoint’s cutting edge approach.

Defense Systems

Expect AR/VR on the Battlefield, Air Force CIO Says

Augmented- and virtual-reality gear will become more than just a training tool, Knausenberger says.


Recruiting crisis? Not at Space Force

The youngest and smallest service says it pays to be both choosy and inclusive.


Science & Tech

Watch the B-21 Unveiling, Live

The rollout of Northrop Grumman's secret next-gen stealth bomber is slated for 8 p.m. Eastern on Friday, Dec. 2.


The Future-Seeking, Team-Building 5th Fleet Is Busier Than Ever

The commander of the U.S. Navy’s Persian Gulf forces explains how they epitomize the Pentagon’s new strategic approach to the Middle East.

Exclusive Business

US Trying to Persuade More Allies to Send NASAMS Missiles to Ukraine, Raytheon CEO Says

If U.S. officials can broker a deal, Kyiv won’t have to wait for factory-produced interceptors.


Is the Army Misplacing the Blame for Its Recruiting Crisis?

At least two of its oft-cited reasons are “red herrings,” experts say.


Just Half of Americans Trust the Military, Survey Finds

Most want to continue helping Ukraine—and most don’t think there’s a clear China strategy, according to the Reagan Institute poll.


GOP Senators Agitate for Vote To Repeal Vaccine Mandate for Troops

Sen. Paul said 20 senators have pledged to vote against moving the defense policy bill forward unless their amendment is brought to the floor.


Russia-Ukraine War Has Influenced How BAE Systems Designed Army Bradley Replacement

The company is including optional armor and making it easy to add counter-drone technology.


Let’s Put the Pentagon’s China Report in Context

What do the relative sizes of the U.S. and Chinese nuclear arsenals really suggest?

Science & Tech

Learn from Ukraine, DIA Chief Tells New China Mission Group

Defense Intelligence Agency unit takes aim at “warning problem of our lifetime.”


Microsoft, Other Defense Firms Team Up for Modeling & Simulation Work

Lockheed, BAE Systems, and other firms are using the Seattle giant's Azure cloud platform to develop training and what-if tools.