Sweden, Finland Gave Up Neutrality a Long Time Ago

Their collective-defense rights as EU members suggest a way forward for Ukraine.

US Looks to Shift Ukraine from Soviet to NATO Weapons

“It would just be easier if we were using similar systems,” said one expert, as U.S. officials mull long–term efforts to resupply Ukraine’s arsenal.

NATO Membership for Sweden Would Be ‘A Small Step For The Military, But A Giant Leap For The Political System’

It would be just a “technical step” for the militaries to formally join, a Swedish military official said.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 98: Arming Ukraine and ‘The Return of Conquest?’

Defense One's Marcus Weisgerber discusses the multi-national effort to arm Ukraine, and Tanisha Fazal shares her concerns about international norms, Putin's legacy, and a possible return to an age of conquest.

NATO Should Start Preparing Troops For a Nuclear Battlefield

Our own history can help prepare for the physical and psychological effects should Russia use tactical nukes in the next conflict.

NATO Will Need a Transition Plan If Finland, Sweden Ask to Join

Putin will threaten the applicant countries and seek to derail the process.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 97: Putin's long war

Two experts look to history for some clues about the possible future of Russia's Ukraine invasion.

NATO Ignores Zelenskyy’s Plea For 1% of Its Tanks, Jets

Alliance announces four new battlegroups as GOP calls for more direct aid to Ukraine.

US Mulls Larger Permanent Force in Europe, Sends More Missiles to Ukraine

U.S., NATO will take "hard look" at European security footprint no matter how the Ukrainian fight goes, U.S. official says.

Chemical Weapons a ‘Real Threat’ in Ukraine, Biden Says

Russian rhetoric could be the precursor to an attack, NSA Sullivan says, as NATO plans to move more aid into Ukraine on Thursday.

Biden Travels to Europe To Ensure the West Will ‘Stay United’

Experts say the NATO alliance has proven as relevant and necessary as ever.

White House Bureaucracy Is Costing Ukrainian Lives, Senators Say

Lawmakers are urging Biden to send more aid and enforce sanctions as quickly as possible to help Ukraine beat Russia.

Congress Still Needs to Protect America’s NATO Membership

Trump was closer than anyone realized to pulling the U.S. out of NATO. Lawmakers must ensure that never happens without them.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 96: The impact of Russia’s Ukraine invasion

We assess the economic uncertainty stemming from Vladimir Putin's invasion of democratic Ukraine.

How to Stop Putin Without Starting WWIII

The greatest risk the United States and European countries face right now is mission creep from their own desire to do more.