Donated Tanks Headed to Ukraine

Kyiv will get 90 T-72 tanks, donated by the Czech Republic and upgraded with U.S. and Dutch funds.

Defense Industry Should Build in NATO’s Eastern Flank, Romanian Land Forces Chief Says

As the U.S. and NATO footprint on Ukraine and Russia’s border grows, so do their industrial base needs.

Sanctions May Push Russia into 'Technological Regress'

A CNAS report warned that Moscow's increased sense of vulnerability could lead it to “double down” on nuclear capabilities.

Sensible Talk Aboard a UK Aircraft Carrier. But Does It Come Too Late?

New poll shows US, UK publics aren’t buying what national-security experts have been selling.

Baltic Worries Mount as Russian Draftees Flood into Regional Training Sites

“Imagine hundreds of thousands training 70 kilometers from a NATO border,” said one senior defense official from a Baltic state.

NATO Readies Strategy To Steer Use Of Autonomy

The document, expected later this year, will include moral and ethical guidelines on how to best use autonomous technologies.

NATO Forges Plans to Surge Forces to Baltics In a Crisis

Estonia is planning new training areas and infrastructure under a defense budget increase.

Ukraine’s Supporters Aim to Create Long-Term Aid Mechanisms

Leaders from NATO, the U.S., and others will gather to discuss ideas on Thursday.