Middle East

The double-edged global ship tracking system

Houthi groups have used public tracking data to target commercial ships—revealing that staying undetected is trickier than just going dark digitally.

Air Force tests AI-designed, 3D-printed drones

Qatar-based Task Force 99 is also eyeing a new U.S. component.

Meet the frustrated negotiators seeking a Gaza ceasefire

Qatar is increasingly the world’s mediator, but this is the energy-rich sheikdom’s toughest case yet.

Austin on Rafah operation: ‘There's better ways to do this’

U.S. officials are voicing greater concern about Israel's new operation. That hasn’t changed policy.

Navy secretary vows more money for anti-drone lasers

The Defense Department’s spending on lasers is down, but the need is up.

U.S. military completes temporary pier off Gaza; deliveries to start within days

Thousands of tons of aid are on the way, one week after the IDF closed a key land corridor.