Middle East

A defense treaty is not how Biden should fix the Saudi relationship

To fend off Iran, Riyadh must improve its military, not rely on U.S. protection.

As Modi Preps for US Visit, Mideast Leaders Study India’s Nonalignment

Many Middle East governments want good ties to the U.S.—without the disrespect.

US Rushes F-22s to Stop Russian Harassment Over Syria

Iran and Russia's efforts to push the U.S. out of the airspace include an aerial incident last week, Air Forces Central commander says.

US Air Force Uses Mideast Ops to Test Tech for Potential China Fight

The service is testing how artificial intelligence could rapidly give kinetic and non-kinetic targeting options to senior leaders, Air Forces Central Commander said.

After Ship Seizures, US Moves to Increase Patrols Off Iran

Aircraft, drones, and Navy and Coast Guard vessels will try to send a warning message, officials said.

MEU to Debut New Artillery, Missile, and Multi-Domain Unit

The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit will take along several innovations when it deploys this summer.

What's Holding Up the US Military's Use of AI?

Two of the obstacles are spotty networks and inadequate data, CENTCOM's CTO says.

A-10s Return to Middle East with a New Mission, and a New Weapon

Tensions with Iran, Russia have CENTCOM calling upon the venerable Warthog once again.