Middle East

Could Ukraine Offer a Template for Better US-Gulf Security Relations?

The outpouring of aid to Kyiv shows that a formal defense alliance is inessential to effective wartime assistance.

The Middle East’s Indifference to Ukraine Is a Warning

What looks like international solidarity against a lawless invasion is something far more transactional and fragile.


What’s Next for Marines in the Middle East?

The commander of Marine Corps Forces Central Command hones a smaller force.

The Security Dimension of the Abraham Accords

A year and a half later, a look at what’s changed, what hasn’t, and what still might.

New Navy Task Force to Protect Red Sea Region

Drug and weapons smuggling, as well as rocket attacks, undermine the security of the major shipping route.

Iran Is ‘No. 1 Destabilizing’ Threat In Middle East, CENTCOM Nominee Says

The U.S. must use advanced technology and work with regional partners to counter Tehran, Army three-star tells lawmakers.

Navy Puts AI, Unmanned Systems to the Test in Five-Sea, 60-Nation Exercise

Multiple scenarios will allow participants to explore the naval potential of remote sensing and more.

ISIS Leader Dead After US Raid in Syria, Biden Says

A U.S. helicopter malfunctioned and was intentionally destroyed during the mission, officials say.

Blame Houthis, Not Saudis, for Lingering Yemen War, White House Says

“It takes two to get to a ceasefire and end the war and right now the onus is on the Houthis,” Brett McGurk said.

Redesignate the Houthis as Terrorists

The Biden administration made a mistake. “Diplomacy first” has failed in Yemen.

2021 Top Ten: Policy

From domestic extremism to China's challenges to lingering Mideast operations, defense leaders had their hands full.

Diplomacy Is the Key to Reducing US Forces in the Mideast

The Pacific pivot need not reduce Middle East security—if the U.S. can get its partners on board.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 88: How Air Warfare is Changing

Four experts describe lessons from Iraq, Azerbaijan, Gaza, and more.

US Troops, Afghans Killed by Explosion at Kabul Airport, Pentagon Says

Worsening security and the need to get all troops out is quickly closing the window to safely escape. ‘Today is likely last day,’ one memo advises.