Air Force

War and uncertainty shape Farnborough expectations

Under the buzz of big contracts, expect quiet conversations about allied production, industrial supply chains, and the future of NATO.

Concepts expected soon for NATO's next-gen rotorcraft

Up to three firms are expected to vie to make a fast aircraft to replace a thousand European helicopters.

U.S. Air Force culture needs a reboot

Too many of today’s operators think of themselves as passive helpers, not innovative war-winners.

New ICBM effort won’t slow down despite pledges to ‘restructure’ as costs balloon

Air Force says problems lie less with the Sentinel missile and more with its supporting infrastructure.

Can nanotech help solve the Pentagon’s corrosion problems?

Lockheed and Hawaii-based Oceanit are testing a new coating on tactical aircraft.

Pentagon expects F-35 deliveries to restart this month

The head of Air Combat Command is “hopeful” the fighter jets will be ready for deliveries to resume in July.

How GAO told the Air Force to redo $12B systems integration contract

The dispute over a Sentinel program integration support contract intensifies as BAE Systems and Guidehouse battle for the award, further adding to the Air Force's nuclear missile modernization woes.