CNO: Pacific Forces Can Learn from NATO’s Work with Ukraine

Leaders leave RIMPAC thinking about ways to increase info-sharing, international cooperation.

US Announces Another $550M In Ukraine Military Aid

Funds will cover thousands of additional howitzer and HIMARS ammunition rounds

The Army Is ‘Running a Tab’ of Equipment Sent to Ukraine

The service chief said he will ask Congress to replace “every round we send, every weapon system.”

Biden Is Arming Ukraine To ‘Play For a Tie,’ Some America-First GOPers Say

The view reveals disagreement even among Trump-following Republicans about how to respond to Russia’s invasion.

Russia is ‘About to Run Out of Steam,’ MI6 Chief Says

Ukraine is “still a winnable campaign,” and America’s divisions are undermining its global influence, said Britain’s spy chief in a rare and sweeping public interview.

Air Force Chief Hints Western Fighter Jets Could Go to Ukraine

No decisions yet, but U.S. and partners, looking at many options.

Ukraine Says It Needs at Least 100 HIMARS and Longer-Range Rockets

More mobile artillery rocket systems, drones, and longer-range rockets would be a “game changer” said top Ukrainian defense official.

Russia Following 2014 ‘Annexation Playbook’ In Eastern Ukraine, White House Says

The White House is expected to announce another weapons shipment to Ukraine this week.

The Danube Won’t Solve Ukraine’s Grain Problems

Europe’s second-longest river isn’t deep enough to carry ocean-going grain vessels.

Russia Seems to Be Running Low on Drones

The Russian military wrote the book on tactical drones in 2014. Now its leaders are begging foreign partners and regional officials to help replace downed UAVs.

Ukraine Aid Oversight Hindered by Pentagon Record-Keeping, Watchdog Says

The IG report follows congressional concerns about oversight and efforts to coordinate with State and USAID.

Five Space Lessons Russia’s Invasion Taught Ukraine

Kyiv now wants its own imagery and comms satellites—and a stealthy way to launch them, a former space agency head says.

Will Republicans Cut Off Ukraine?

If control of Congress flips, a small but growing number of America-first lawmakers could derail American support for the war against Russia.

US Sending More HIMARS to Ukraine

Pentagon says latest $400M aid package includes precision rounds to “save ammo;” Russia may have paused to reset after tough Luhansk fight.

The Risks of US Military Assistance to Ukraine

With arms pouring into a wartorn country, we must take steps to ensure they are not stolen or misused.

Pentagon to Buy Two Advanced Air Defense Systems for Ukraine

The U.S.-Norway missiles may not be ready for weeks or months, official says.