EU official calls out X as largest promotor of disinformation

“My message for Twitter/X is…We will be watching what you do,” official says.

US preps unusual $2B loan for Polish military

Poland has bought billions worth of U.S. military goods, in addition to Korean-made armaments.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 134: What ‘national security’ means for eastern Europe

Sam Skove shares highlights from his reporting trip to Poland, Estonia, and the UK.

U.S. government shutdown could slow weapons transfers to Ukraine, Taiwan

Contracting and arms transfer vetting departments may not be able to process new requests.

Beset by Russian airstrikes, Ukraine looks to make its weapons abroad

The country’s defense firms have cheap, battle-tested kit—and no safe place to build it.

Ukraine learns to fight with a hodge-podge of foreign artillery

It's also working to protect its field guns from loitering munitions and counter-battery fire, Ukrainian officer says.