Austin Warns Against Over-Hyping Recent Chinese Weapons Tests

The defense secretary also pushed for deeper ties between the Pentagon and technology firms.

China Wants to Write the Tech Rules for 5G. Experts Say That’s a Big Problem

Beijing is stacking international standards bodies with factions that care more about national loyalty than sound practice, experts say.

US Needs Indo-Pacific Force ‘Enhancements,’ Global Posture Review Finds

Few details released from classified review, which arrives amid geopolitical shifts.

Americans Want to Defend Taiwan. The Pentagon’s Budget Should, Too

Lawmakers should take advantage and give Americans the defense budget we need to stay ahead of China.

Senators Have More Than 900 Ideas To Fix America’s Security

The proposed amendments to the NDAA include ideas on Afghanistan, China and extremism in the ranks.

Pentagon Scrambles to Defend ‘Juicy Targets’ After Rivals’ Space Tests

U.S. Space Force is taking Russia’s destruction of its own satellite as a warning.

Are Naval Forces on the Right Path? Leaders Run Wargame to Check

Analysis of the classified, Pacific-focused “Global 14” will continue for weeks or months, a Navy official said.

Biden Launches Arms-Control Talks with China, Warns Xi on Taiwan

Beijing’s aggression toward the island, nuclear ambitions are big points of worry for the administration.

China Locks Down Its History, to Its Peril and the World’s

Xi Jinping’s effort to cement lifelong power brings rigidity and fragility.

Army Recruiters on TikTok Dance Around Ban To Reach Gen Z

As threat worries subside, one sergeant has nearly half a million followers on the China-based app—and the Army wants her advice.

US Manufacturing Decline is Hurting National Security, Report Warns

A Ronald Reagan Institute task force says the government needs to spend more on job training and manufacturing infrastructure.

Milley’s Hypersonic Hyperbole May Have Been His ‘Missile Gap’ Moment

The United States must avoid another arms race based on untested or distinctly false premises.

The World Is Fed Up With China’s Belligerence

Democracies are no longer as worried as they once were about offending a fragile Beijing.

Australia Seeks ‘More Proactive’ Role In Indo-Pacific

The ambassador says Australia can no longer be a “passive recipient” in today’s strategic environment.