Is China About To Destroy Encryption As We Know It? Maybe

A new research paper claims to offer a quantum-powered code-breaker of spectacular power. “If it's true, it's pretty disastrous,” says one expert.

The Navy Put Its Next Amphib on Hold. Good.

The proposal to build a slow and combat-shy Light Amphibious Warship raises questions about a key Marine Corps operating concept.

The PLA’s People Problem

China’s military has long struggled to field quality personnel.

US Should Lower Barriers to Foreign Tech Talent, Experts Say

Efforts to prevent espionage are harming the country more than they’re helping—and the same is true of China, they say.

The US Army Can Be the Joint Force's Contact Layer in the Pacific

Team a multi-domain task force with U.S. Army Forces Japan to keep tabs on China, boost deterrence, and—if necessary—fight until reinforcements arrive.

Q&A: China's Vast Influence Campaign in Canada

In an interview with ProPublica, investigative reporter Sam Cooper describes how he unearthed scandals that have shaken the Canadian political system.

Omnibus Spending Bill Would Ban TikTok on Government Devices

Congress may need to do more to ward off the national-security threat of the Chinese-made video app, one senator says.

The Saudi-China Deal Tells Us What Autocracies Want From Each Other

Biden’s blunt democracy-vs.-autocracy rhetoric may be pushing U.S. security partners toward Beijing.

Stop Building a Military to Attack China

Concentrate instead on deterring Beijing, and keeping a Chinese invasion force from going anywhere.

How the New Republicans Could Reshape US National Security

From China to anti-extremism efforts, a GOP-led House will have its say.