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The path to next generation cyberspace operations: How defense industry expertise empowers the joint cyber warfighting architecture vision

JCWA will be instrumental in helping our nation compete and win against adversaries, but scaled industry partnership is necessary for mission success.


Far from the front, AI is starting to prove its military value

From customizing training to slashing through red tape, artificial intelligence tools are being put to use.


Rocket Lab won’t be ready to launch its new rocket by year’s end, documents suggest

This likely means a delay for the Pentagon’s effort to boost competition for rocket launches.

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Combating the “Tyranny of Distance” in The Indo-Pacific Region

AWS is working to support the Pentagon as it seeks to implement its vision for JADC2 in the Indo-Pacific.

Science & Tech

China is building its own Starlink—even as questions surround Musk's constellation

A recent rocket launch lofted satellites for a Chinese service to mimic SpaceX, which was slammed this weekend by a top U.S. lawmaker.


Groupthink gives V-22 a bad rap

The tiltrotor’s safety record is on par with other Pentagon rotorcraft—none of which can match its capability and performance.



Top Pentagon IT official departs deputy CIO role

Lily Zeleke will be taking over “new responsibilities” at the agency, though it’s still unknown what her new position is.

Defense Systems

The Pentagon's connect-everything effort has a minimum viable product

An initial version of CJADC2 is “low latency and extremely reliable,” Deputy Defense Secretary Hicks said.


The West is underestimating Ukraine’s artillery needs

Russia is producing far more 155mm shells than Ukrainian forces can obtain, researchers say.


Army's scout-helicopter cancellation upends rotorcraft plans

The death of FARA is reshaping the Army’s rotorcraft force structure and realign the retrofit, modernization, and sustainment outlook.


How Poland's new blimp may boost the Pentagon's connect-everything effort

The planned sale of a reconnaissance aerostat could help allies link up to JADC2.


US lacks long-term sustainment plan for key Ukraine weapons, Pentagon watchdog says

Getting new Patriot anti-air systems would be “painful,” a Defense Department official said.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 145: The USAF's big reorganization

Audrey Decker unpacks the top news from this year's Air & Space Forces Association Warfare Symposium.


Meet the German company developing sub drones that pass data with sound

Divers’ search-and-rescue missions could soon get assists from drone swarms.


Trump's vision for the military: hunting cartels, patrolling US cities, quelling dissent

Here's what the former president and his loyalists have said about how they might use U.S. troops in a second term.